The harm caused by plastic pollution – HS Insider

Plastic pollution has been around since the 1960s and up to today’s date, the amount of plastic found in our oceans has increased over the years. This an issue that has to be taken more seriously because it’s putting humans and marine life at risk. We produce 300 million tonnesContinue Reading

The 'toxic ship' that caused an environmental disaster

The ship beginning its slow descent into the sea Earlier last month, a cargo ship carrying chemicals caught fire off the coast of Sri Lanka – leaving in its wake an environmental disaster that the island will likely have to live with for decades. For days it stood burning offContinue Reading

World Environment Day: 75% Of Emerging Infectious Diseases Are Zoonotic, Caused By Biodiversity Loss, Warns UN Environment Programme Official

Because of erratic human actions, the biodiversity loss is happening on a large scale which has become one of the biggest reasons of zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from animals to humans) emerging as a global concern, said Inger Andersen of UNEP Highlights Humans, environment and environmental health are one andContinue Reading

Environmental pollution caused my terminal cancer

Editor’s note: Kay Treakle wrote this column in April 2020. She died of liver cancer on June 10, at the age of 65. By the time this column is published, I will no longer be alive. I have been fighting terminal liver cancer since it was discovered in May 2018. This disease hasContinue Reading