ISLAMABAD: Inclusive wealth refers to a holistic approach of considering all relevant indicators that influence economic growth. Growth measurement is currently limited to the gross domestic product (GDP). Taking GDP as the sole indicator of development, we ignore some important social indicators like education and healthcare, and environmental indicators likeContinue Reading

Contribution of ETF of Army in rejuvenation of J&K Environment

Col B S Nagial (Retd)The “Environment” comprises all entities, natural or artificial, external to oneself, and their interrelationships, which provide value to humankind now or perhaps in the future. Environmental concerns relate to their degradation through the actions of human beings. The current environmental situation causes a significant threat toContinue Reading

Women in Tech: "We all do better in a diverse environment"

A research study by The National Center for Women & Information Technology showed that “gender diversity has specific benefits in technology settings,” which could explain why tech companies have started to invest in initiatives that aim to boost the number of female applicants, recruit them in a more effective way, retain themContinue Reading

Lingap-Canada Celebrates 2021 World Environment Day

SPECIAL FEATURE         By Genevieve Balance Kupang    Dagami Daytoy exposed the problems experienced by the locals due to the impact of the Didipio Mine in Nueva Viscaya, Philippines. Documentary Film Credit:  Noni Abao  “Ecosystem Restoration” is this year’s theme for the UN World Environment Day (WED). PakistanContinue Reading

Environment default - The Malta Independent

Here we are once again at that all important pre-election stage to re-elect Labour.  Needless to say, the marketing experts have taken a look at the social media, some opinions of Labour’s own supporters and what’s trending on google.  They have come up with a similar blue print to theContinue Reading

Are Electric Cars Truly Better for the Environment?

Are electric vehicles truly better than gas cars for the environment? Not in all facets or in all regions of the world, but overall, unquestionably, yes—and as time goes on, only more so. While much clickbait has been written questioning the environmental superiority of EVs, the cumulative science confirms thatContinue Reading