How To Best Prepare In 2021 For Digital Reshaping From The GeoTech Decade

6828b02b-7c5f-4457-848d-038cc67c28b8 The GeoTech Decade is forecasted in the May 2021 released … [+] Report of the Commission of Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data (GeoTech Commission) by the non-profit GeoTech Center (GTC) of the Atlantic Council. The report is an important resource for your digital situation room/innovation center. DepositPhotosContinue Reading

Is Bitcoin Bad for the Environment?

We begin this Sunday Digest with a quick notice… Our offices will be closed tomorrow in honor of Memorial Day. On that note, a huge “thank you” to all of our nation’s service members. Given the market holiday, we’ll be taking the day off here in the Digest. We’ll pick back up onContinue Reading

Synchrony Commits $15M to Venture Funds that Focus on WOC

Synchrony has announced its commitment of $15 million to venture capital funds prioritizing the support of women of color. Synchrony has recognized the lack of representation of women of color in venture capital funding, and is taking matters into its own hands. (Image credit: PRNewsfoto/Synchrony) Synchrony, a premier consumer financialContinue Reading

Tips for making laundry day more gentle on the environment

Helen Carefoot THE WASHINGTON POST – Laundry day isn’t exactly fun for most people, but it can be downright unpleasant for the Earth. Washers guzzle gallons of water and dryers use up energy. Detergents and dryer sheets can release chemicals into water that has to be treated, and washing clothesContinue Reading

Innovative digitalization for better societies

Digitalization is one of the most essential paths for the welfare of societies. Therefore, Denmark can be seen as a global champion in digital life science. The country’s status as a digital pioneer contributes to Danish exports and foreign investments in the innovation and technology sectors. Against the negative effectsContinue Reading

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the idea that businesses have obligations not only to shareholders but to society at large and must act in social and environmentally responsible ways. This is sometimes referred to as the “triple bottom line,” measuring and responding to social and environmental impacts alongside profits.  TheContinue Reading

Japan's First ESG-Focused Global Venture Capital Fund "MPower Partners Fund L.P." | News

TOKYO, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The fund will focus on investments into growth- to late-stage Japanese startups, and the remainder into earlier-stage overseas startups, in industries such as healthcare/wellness, fintech, next-generation work/education, next-generation consumer, and environment/sustainability. The target of capital commitments is anticipated to be US$150 million, and currently committedContinue Reading

How To Become AND Remain Data Driven

The month of May was punctuated by events and books that will have a profound effect on the world of Data, AI and Analytics.  From the way decisions should (and should NOT) be made, to how leaders can shape a sustainable data driven culture, here is a quick recap ofContinue Reading