Solutions To The Plastic Pollution Crisis Will Drive The Next Wave Of Climate-Tech Innovation

Plastic has gone from the greatest invention of the modern era to one of the most challenging materials to manage. Each year, up to 13 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean, the equivalent of one garbage truck of waste every minute.

It is no secret these days that plastic and packaging materials often end up in our world’s oceans.

There are many efforts with individuals contributing to reducing the amount of waste that goes into the oceans, but what can companies do in terms of their packaging to make the future cleaner?

Storopack, the packaging industry faces two opportunities for participating in sustainable efforts: innovate to produce more equipment, products, and process that are eco-friendly, especially in highly-consumed industries like food and beverage, and contribute to the disposal of the products used.

1 – Make Recycling the Aim from the Start

As a company, no doubt you are already recycling on a large scale, but you can also ensure that your packaging is fully recyclable for your customer. A cardboard box is easy to recycle, but what about the filler inside? Using paper filler is a great way to make your packaging more recyclable.

2 – Less Is More

The style of your packaging is important, especially when it comes to a customer selecting an item in a store, but in the end, it’s what’s in the package that counts. So why not useless? Minimal packaging ensures less trash, and that ensures less waste that will eventually go into our oceans. Also, less packaging means reduced cost for you, both for the packaging itself and also for manufacturing and transportation. Saving money and helping the environment can be a win-win for your company.

Shout it to the World: Storopack helped make the oceans cleaner

Making small changes to your packaging can help save the oceans and give you a warm feeling. Customers will be more likely to buy from a company that is making a difference, and you might inspire others to do the same. You can continue the cycle and ask your customers to send you stories about their efforts to make the oceans cleaner.


Environmental Protection means reducing waste at the very beginning of an item’s life with a mind as to how that item will ultimately be discarded. And that starts with packaging, with you.

You can ensure that your packaging never gets into the ocean. We need to protect our oceans and the creatures inside. With the right packaging, you can truly be part of the solution.

Nidhi Rastogi

Nidhi Rastogi

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