Environmentally-friendly packaging solutions are vital and necessary in today’s scenario. Mostly, consumer preferences and corporate standards are highly demanding that businesses must implement sustainable packaging practices to reduce their environmental impact. These environmental concerns are demanding the use of eco-friendly packaging options for all types of businesses or sectors.

Going Green

Eco-friendly packaging, green packaging, sustainable packaging – whatever the name, it is all about packaging that will not harm the environment in any way.

You can be in pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage, health, and beauty, household, and garden, or automotive and industrial – going green is a necessity across the industry or brand.

Designing Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Developing a sustainable packaging solution is a journey where environmental safety is highly considered. The aim is to make incremental package sustainability improvements over time to reduce its unwanted environmental impact. If you are creating a new sustainable packaging solution for your business, keep the following tips in mind:

1 – Consider natural materials

Sustainable packaging has become more popular than ever over the last few years, as many companies have recognized that materials used are healthy for the environment and equally attract the consumer audience. It is beneficial for them too!

2 – Evaluate your distribution system for opportunities to save space

To reduce the size of a package while maintaining its integrity, it is important to understand the size of the selected transport mode and then to minimize the package size accordingly to hold everything at the expected lowest cost.

Look for opportunities to make your packaging both recyclable and reusable 

One of the most effective ways to preserve energy during the manufacturing process is through recycling. Many materials – including PET and paper are widely recycled, but other materials that might be added to your package might be inappropriate for recycling. New options are constantly emerging, so it is important to consider them when you are creating or building your packaging solution.

Let Storopack Help You Create a Sustainable Packaging Solution

Sustainable packaging can reduce the amount of packaging you use, encourage packaging reuse, and also minimize your ecological footprint. These benefits are crucial for both the environment and your bottom line, and at Storopack, we are committed to helping you take advantage of them. We are here to help you design a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging system that will benefit your unique business, products, and operations.

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