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air pollution, Indoor air purifier plants, Anti pollution liquid, indoor air pollution, Dhruv Bhatnagar, DB Life Sciences  ‘Air quality in metropolitan cities is the result of a complex interaction between natural and anthropogenic environmental conditions.’

Air Pollution is one of the major health hazards that we are facing and it is getting worse. Rapid urbanization in the world is promoting increased energy and fuel consumption resulting in higher air pollution levels outdoors and indoors. A study published by the World Bank in 2016 revealed that air pollution cost India approximately 8% of its GDP or $560 billion in 2013, as a result of lost productivity due to premature mortality and morbidity. Imagine the figures now. DB Life Sciences’ product Curol is a liquid-based surface cleaning product that claims to ‘Cure All’ air pollution related problems. Curol+ claims that it can transform your floor into a giant air filter and diminish dust levels. In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express Online Dhruv Bhatnagar, CEO, Curol+, DB Life Sciences talked about the problem of air pollution and the innovative solution they are offering. Excerpts:

What’s you take on deteriorating air quality in metropolitan cities in India

Air quality in metropolitan cities is the result of a complex interaction between natural and anthropogenic environmental conditions. Delhi, as well as many other cities in India, is facing problems concerning air pollution. The increase in industrialization and the vehicle fleet, poor control on emissions and little use of catalytic converters, produce a great amount of particulate and toxic gases. The air is getting worse day by day due to an increase in particulate matter PM 2.5 & PM 10. These particles are too high; they can easily affect the health of a person.

As in the advancement of the technology there are many possible solutions available in the market that curb the indoor and outdoor air pollution liquids that aims to reduce the particulate matter available in the atmosphere by at least 65% in just 7 days of usage.

What initiative should the government take to control air pollution?

Steps taken by the government of India to control air pollution includes, compulsory PUC (pollution under control) certificate of petrol driven vehicles which test for carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. Government should use liquid based anti pollution solutions  to curb outdoor pollution. There are many ways to use anti pollution liquid such as by spraying the mixed solution on roads or by infusing the mixed solution on the road bumpers so tyres of every vehicle will be treated with mixture. Permission to use only pure diesel with a maximum of 500 PPM Sulphur as fuel for vehicles. It should be made mandatory to use non polluting compressed natural gas CNG only, as fuel by buses and trucks, also compulsory mixing of 20% ethyl alcohol with petrol and 20% biodiesel with diesel.

What according to you is the biggest environmental threat today?

According to the world economic forum, air pollution was found to be the largest current environmental threat to our public health. It is estimated that 90% of humanity breathes polluted air, so calling for a reduction in air pollution to cut rates of respiratory illnesses, thus preventing seven million deaths a year.Although we are making progress we know that air pollution effects early brain development and can cause severe health effects in humans and our environmental counterparts.

The main constituents of air pollution is particulate matter (PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 4, PM 10) , the particles are very small and toxic which can easily affect us. To solve this problem there are many solutions available which helps to reduce the particulate matter available in the environment and provides the clean and healthy air to breathe.

air pollution, Indoor air purifier plants, Anti pollution liquid, indoor air pollution, Dhruv Bhatnagar, DB Life Sciences  Dhruv Bhatnagar, CEO, DB Life Sciences

What inspired you to launch Curol+?

The uniqueness that Curol+ has to offer,  a product that is a healer and a provider of relief. In India there are loads of people old and young who suffer from allergies and diseases specially of the lungs . These allergies are energy sapping and fatal in many cases. I myself have been always affected throughout my days by the allergic bronchitis and pollution and dust allergy and when the opportunity came to me to be part of a product that can alleviate and help people live better Lives with Curol+, I jumped into the project as I was always clear that I wanted to do something different and help the world with a new path.

What Curol+ is offering for a safe and clean environment?

We are the only ones with an invention such as Curol+ in the whole  world and the desire to spread and provide it across all economic strata’s. We Have a Patent for Curol+. The possibility to do good and from stage one to be sustainable with an Organic, biodegradable , ph neutral product that can remove Indoor and Outdoor air pollution with Zero capital costs . This is something no one in the world has and we are the Only ones. It is a very technical product and has taken us few years to develop the anti pollution liquid. Curol+ has some unique USPs such as, it reduces PM levels by 50% in just 7 days,  it is 100% organic and biodegradable. The product is Food safe and tested successfully by FSSAI. It get dissolved in water easily and most importantly very cost effective

What are the biodegradable options people have to keep their indoor and outdoor atmosphere clean?

Bad air quality and non-biodegradable things are the biggest threats for the environment and affects everyone: humans, animals, cities, forests, aquatic ecosystems. Reducing pollutants and improving air quality by going biodegradable is the only solution for a better future for humans, animals and as well as for the environment. Nowadays there are many solutions available in the market to curb indoor and outdoor pollution.

Anti pollution liquid: There is a liquid based anti-pollution solution which reduces the particulate matter available in the surroundings by 65% . Eco-friendly products offer a safer alternative. They improve the quality of air in your home. These products do not cause toxic fumes built up and prevent stuff like skin and eye irritation, nausea and respiratory trouble. These days it is easy to go green by using eco-friendly cleaners that use natural ingredients and water as a solvent.

Indoor air purifier plants: Plants bring life into our homes. They are one of the most natural and sustainable decor options—especially when propagated. In this last year, perhaps more than ever, it has been  found that is essential to bring nature indoors. Especially for those of us living alone or without pets, having plants to care for and nurture during this time adds meaning and rhythm to the day. Some studies even show that simply being around soil can boost our mood and reduce stress.

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