8 Nonplastic Household-Cleaning Items | The Strategist

Photo: Cantel Lou Tattoli

In Paris, an island of elite fromageries and parfumeries, my favorite type of shop is simply the droguerie, the hardware or general store. Namely, these are drogueries in the tony Left Bank and hip Right Bank hoods, where plastic is eschewed like the plague that it is and store stock is edited to honest tools and European heritage products: beeswax candles and broomsticks, galvanized-steel pails and Portuguese wood and silver polishes, natural sponges and wicker hampers.

I’m a proud sucker for such stuff. It was the case even before Lockdowns I, II, and III. But being constantly penned in our apartment put me in the mood for home maintenance, and I leaned, like never before, into my adoration of la drog’s classic offerings: old-world — plastic-free— household items that work hard and look pretty and are a pleasure to handle as you maintain your petite corner of this world. If I’m right, you’ll be humming the tune of “C’est Si Bon.”

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