Green Industries Cluster Launched to Connect Energy, Industry & Sustainability in Wales

A new Green Industries Cluster has been launched today in Wales, bringing together the key organisations driving decarbonisation and shaping sustainability across the country.

Chaired by ex-First Minister Carwyn Jones, Green Industries Wales is set to become the independent voice of ‘Clean & Green’ across all sectors – a collaborative community that communicates vision and opportunities, shares knowledge, showcases best practice and builds the investable propositions that will make Wales a world-leader in creating a low-carbon, highly sustainable society and economy.

“Wales is already demonstrating the potential to lead the world in building a sustainable future” says Carwyn Jones, Chair of the new Green Industries Cluster. “We were the first country to enshrine the Wellbeing of Future Generations into law and one of the first to appoint a Minister for Climate. Now, our country is the first to create a Green Industries Cluster that will sit at the heart of our fast evolution towards net zero and a green economy.

Initially, Green Industries Wales will concentrate its focus on six key areas of collaboration:

  • Economy (building a bespoke Economic Research Unit to identify and evidence economic opportunities)
  • Skills (establishing a National Skills Council to map and engage the skills needed for the green workplace and economy)
  • Innovation (highlighting and forging innovative partnerships between Academia and Industry)
  • Exports (identifying opportunities to drive Energy/Renewables export growth in Wales)
  • Investment (creating propositions and facilitating opportunities for investment in every Welsh green industry)
  • Communications (providing a dedicated Media & Communications Unit that amplifies a consistent and influential voice on behalf of all members and sectors within the Cluster).

The Cluster’s development will be overseen by an Advisory Panel that represents every dimension of green governance and economic activity:

  • Carwyn Jones – Chair (Green Industries)
  • Mark Powney – Green Industry Wales Founder (Business News Wales)
  • Tony Miles – Green Industry Wales Founding Partner (DST Innovations ltd /Batri Ltd)
  • Siwan Rees – Green Industry Wales Founding Partner (Impact Innovations)
  • Dr Chris Williams (Head of Industrial Decarbonisation, Industry Wales)
  • Kellie Beirne (Cardiff Capital Region)
  • Alwen Williams (North Wales Economic Ambition Board)
  • Rhian-Mari Thomas (Chief Executive of the Green Finance Institute)
  • Ian Price (CBI)
  • Ben Cottam (FSB)
  • Frank Holmes (Manufacturing Wales)
  • Dafydd Gruffydd (Menter Mon)
  • Andrew Diplock (Angel Investor)
  • Ioan Jenkins (Prosperity Energy)
  • Andy Richardson (Food and Drink Wales Industry Board)

The first advisory meeting will take place on Thursday 22nd July.

As an alliance of all ‘green stakeholders’ in a country that has quickly embraced the challenge and opportunities presented by climate change, Green Industries Wales aims to deliver an informative and educational experience to all members through regular events and updates – as well as providing a platform to communicate news and insights through Business News Wales, one of the founding members of Green Industries Wales.

Mark Powney, Founder of Green Industries Wales, and MD of Business News Wales

This is an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders, each sharing the one common aim of scaling a green Wales safely and at speed.

We’re an open forum that encourages collaboration across industries and supply chains – and Business News Wales is delighted to be at the heart of this pioneering community, giving voice and visibility to every member through our daily sector spotlights and specialist magazine, both of which are key influencing channels widely read by senior opinion formers in government and the private sector.

Let’s highlight all our opportunities and project our confidence to those who are looking. Let’s discover collectively all of the issues holding us back, and highlight the opportunities taking us forward. Let’s talk about them and critically make them visible to government and industry leaders in a transparent process that is both educational and informative for the benefit of all.

Tony Miles, Founding Partner of Green Industries Wales and CEO of DST Innovations Ltd and Batri Ltd

As a nation, Wales is on the cusp of greatness, becoming a global leader in sustainable and green technologies.  There has never been a greater need or desire for change.  We’re delighted to support and to be part of this Welsh gathering of minds that is driving Wales to become the green energy capital of the world.

Siwan Rees, Founding Partner of Green Industries Wales and Program Manager at Impact Innovations

Without understanding the sentiment of business leaders, the green recovery might not achieve its full impact and this is why I am so excited to supporting this new dynamic cluster

Our role as part of the cluster is to provide the latest insight, evidence and reflection directly from businesses as they begin the unique transformation from brown to green. The ability to develop and build a potential solution in assistance with the cluster will instill the confidence to respond to the climate challenge which is possibly the greatest challenge ever faced by any business wishing to achieve continued growth.

Dr Chris Williams, Head of Industrial Decarbonisation, Industry Wales

As industries look to decarbonise and reach net zero through Initiatives such as the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) then collaboration will be an imperative. This pan-Wales communications platform will therefore play an important and vital role in supporting collaboration between industries, academia, governments (local, Welsh & UK), training providers, SMEs, consultants, technology providers and of course the general public. This important communication platform will therefore help support a ‘Team Wales’ approach to the net zero challenge.

Kellie Beirne, Director of Cardiff Capital Region City Deal

‘Having taken the bold step to apply to take part in the global Race to Zero and sign up to the Carbon Disclosure Project, CCR feels well placed to be part of this network. We shouldn’t be feeling comfortable or passive about the challenges that lie before us in relation to net zero, and that’s why being part of a partnership that is open to challenge and willing to drive collective impact, feels like a good, accountable and timely thing to do’.

Alwen Williams, Portfolio Director of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board

“North Wales is at the heart of the Green Industries in Wales – and is primed to be a world-leader in the field. We’re delighted to see a pan-Wales communications platform taking the initiative in showcasing what’s happening and what is possible in this critical sector”.

Dr Rhian-Mari Thomas OBE (Green Finance Institute)

“The transition to a low carbon and nature positive economy represents the greatest investment opportunity of our time. Unlocking that opportunity requires unprecedented collaboration between finance, industry, policy making, academia and civil society – Green Industries Wales is a pioneering initiative designed to nurture that collaboration and position Wales at the forefront of the global transformation to a greener, more sustainable and inclusive future”

Ian Price, Director CBI Wales

“The Energy sector in Wales offers businesses across Wales a multitude of opportunities for a future-proofed infrastructure, high-worth jobs creation, community regeneration, inward investment and sustained economic growth. We welcome this new green industries initiative from Business News Wales at what is most certainly an opportune moment for the sector.”

Ben Cottam, FSB Wales, Head of Wales

‘Enhancing and growing opportunities for smaller businesses within green industries is essential if we are not only to combat climate change but also develop our economy. It also helps develop our innovative potential and growing the skills we need for tomorrow. Having a joined-up and collaborative approach to identifying these opportunities and making connections for smaller businesses is really important and so we very much welcome this initiative and look forward to working wither others to take the cluster and the agenda forward’.

Frank Holmes, Manufacturing Wales

Wales’ manufacturing sector has a very significant role in the systematic elimination of waste and pollution, and assisting the transition to renewable energy. This goes far beyond repurposing  manufacturers’ own processes, it involves innovating and adopting new technologies, embracing sustainable practices to decouple the consumption of finite resources, keeping materials and products in use and unashamedly grow by doing the right thing for the benefit of the environment and society.

Andrew Diplock, Angel Investor

Having worked for over 30 years in the energy sector, I recognise fully the future opportunities in Wales from the clean energy and sustainability sectors. Bringing stakeholder expertise together from a wide range of backgrounds with a shared vision and focus to support companies to start and grow in the sector is welcomed. Wales has the opportunity to be a future global leader in supporting, investing and promoting green industries.

Ioan Jenkins, co-founder and director of Prosperity Energy

From my time with Tidal Lagoon Power working on the development of Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon, I have been a strong advocate of our green industries in Wales. We’ve got the natural resources to lead the world in growing a strong renewable energy sector, but we can’t just keep talking about it, we’ve got to make it happen. I very much hope that Green Industries Wales will become an eco-system that drives opportunities, developments and investment.

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