Water is another synonym for life as after air it comes next in sustaining human life. However, something is just not right. Rivers and oceans are the water sources on planet earth, and humans are head over heels in polluting them. Humans are in that mode of destruction, where they have every other instrument in hand to destroy the environment and devastate their human counterparts.

The advent of modernization brought in the aspect of industrialization. Industrialization saw the setting up of factories for manufacturing purposes. In today’s date, factories are the largest source of pollution. They have a huge role to play in polluting water, air as well as soil. Most of the factory waste is dumped into the river, thus making the river water toxic.


When the river water and ultimately the ocean water turn toxic, it leads to unimaginable harm to the aquatic flora and fauna. The fishes die, the plants rot, and the sea bed becomes the victim of pollution. Humans, on the other hand, are the ones consuming the aquatic fauna. Therefore the toxicity comes back to humans, giving them life-threatening diseases.

Organizations like https://www.storopack.in do their part by using resources judiciously and manufacture environment-friendly packages that will not harm the environment or aquatic life in any way. Their products are biodegradable, and thus chances of pollution become negligible. Using recycled products is another way they do their part.


Conservation is not just one company’s duty but the duty of the whole of the human race. We have to ensure that our rivers are clean so that aquatic life survives and the balance of nature remains intact. People should use recycled products to add to the economic cycle, thus promoting material growth. Therefore, we need to work hand in hand to defeat this impediment and make the earth a better place.

Janhavi Mishra

Janhavi Mishra


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