People often ignore the relevance of the environment around them. They feel it is their right to stay in an environment and squeeze the best out of it. Little do they realize how the environment plays a major role in regulating their lives and keeping them in a safe and comfortable space. The environment is the reason why human beings are still surviving on this planet. The tragedy, however, is that humans are adding to the degradation of the environment they live in.

Modern technology’s coming helped humans invent something very dear to them for their daily use; plastic. They use plastic in their daily activities, be it bringing things from the market or for some other wrapping or manufacturing purposes.

The main problem here is the pollution caused by plastic. Plastic is a non-biodegradable product, and thus it remains intact for millions of years. The dumped plastic will release harmful toxins that will adversely affect flora and other animals associated with plants.

 Plastic has its ever-lasting effects on ocean life as well. Humans are irresponsible enough to dump plastics in the ocean. It results in massive pollution of the ocean floor. The fishes often find themselves entangled in the death trap of plastic. Some fishes even consume plastic. The humans then eat those aquatic animals after fishing. Thus you can very well understand how the cycle of toxicity starts with humans and ends with humans hampering every aspect of the environment on the way.

Plastic is also a major contributor to global warming, which leads to rising temperatures. If this continues like this, the earth will no longer be a suitable place to live in. Companies like are doing their part by using recycled plastics for packaging purposes. It is not the responsibility of one organization but the whole human race to keep our environment safe. We have to work hand-in-hand to delete such a predicament from society.

Janhavi Mishra

Janhavi Mishra

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