Implementing Zero-Trust in an ICS environment

More and more, threat actors have their eye on Industrial Control Systems (ICS), as their value and importance to everyday life and human safety makes them an attractive target to someone looking to exploit vulnerable networks. Unfortunately, the reality is that these are often left insufficiently secured and vulnerable to a breach. With the past shift to remote working and the current transition back to ‘typical’ working life, organizations have embraced the cloud and digital transformation while looking to implement a hybrid work model. This drastically increases the attack surface and highlights the importance of protecting ICS environments. One way to ensure protection and reduce the attack surface along with the risk of breach is implementing a Zero Trust model. 

What exactly is a Zero Trust model?

Coined by a Forrester analyst in 2010, the Zero Trust model is a method of verifying every individual and device that attempts to join a network before access is granted. This method is increasingly incorporated into large corporations as enterprise systems are becoming more vulnerable to breach by sophisticated hackers. 

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