'Failure' or solution? EPA weighs plastics recycling plan

An emerging and controversial vision for reusing plastics poses a regulatory dilemma for EPA as it struggles to tackle plastic pollution woes amid a growing acknowledgment that traditional recycling will not be able to solve the problem. Facing an onslaught of public outrage over plastics pollution, companies are increasingly turningContinue Reading

How CSR Is Taking Center Stage In A Pandemic Struck World -Gayatri Paul

The Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed the world. There has been a paradigm shift in how corporations perceived their ecosystem. During this era of uncertainties, corporations have shown resolute commitment towards community welfare programmes. As businesses find themselves in a changing landscape, it is encouraging to take note that corporateContinue Reading

How peer support, EAPs, chaplaincy help EMS mental health

In work environment punctuated by physically demanding long hours, interrupted sleep and stressful calls, agency efforts to protect providers’ mental health are paramount to preventing burnout. In an EMS1 webinar, sponsored by Zoll, a panel of EMS leaders shared how their agency’s mental health support programs, from EAPs that understandContinue Reading

Rescue African Union member states from interference

Engineers might disagree. However, not all bridges are built with steel, concrete and asphalt. Some are made entirely of cooperation and coordination. This is the type of bridge connecting Europe’s closest neighbour, the African continent. Covering everything from smart health and fintech services to food tech, ed tech and sustainableContinue Reading

Analysis finds plastic pollution prevention efforts slowed during pandemic

Credit: Duke University A new analysis from Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions suggests efforts to address plastic pollution have slowed worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. That time period has also seen a documented rise in medical waste and single-use and disposable plastics for personal protective equipment andContinue Reading