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CMMB’s “Satellite-5G” Converged Technology Became the 2nd International Standard for Vehicular Multimedia at the International Telecommunication Union


May 4, 2022 – Hong KongAsia’s largest high-orbit satellite based mobile data connectivity and transmission service provider – CMMB Vision (stock code: 471) is pleased to announce that at the recent ITU-T SG16 Meeting, the vehicular multimedia technology based on the Company’s “Satellite-5G Converged Technology” has been officially adopted and released by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as the “Vehicular Multimedia Framework” standard (Standard Reference Number: ITU-T H.551). This is the Company’s second international standard recognized by the ITU after its previous “Vehicular Multimedia Application Scenarios and Requirements” (Standard Reference Number: ITU-T F.749.3). The ITU is an agency of the United Nations and is the world’s leading international telecommunications organization and, as the most authoritative setter for technical standards related to the global telecommunications industry.


CMMB has currently possessed two international standards for vehicular multimedia technology, which is China-driven and participated by many global major vehicular multimedia industry players, that has been widely recognized and accepted by the international community. This not only enables the Company to have leading application technology in the field of vehicular multimedia, but also further enables it to deploy its broader and in-depth cooperation with industry partners to accelerate the development of the Company’s satellite internet “data-as-a-service” (DaaS) business.


The standardization project is led by the Company’s strategic partner, the Telematics Industry Application Alliance (“TIAA”) in China, and officially launched in July 2019. As the project leader, TIAA organized many participants from the fields of automobiles, electronics, multimedia, connected-car, telecommunications, and academy in China, such as the Company’s affiliated enterprise – Global Fusion, Changan Automobile, Nandou Liuxing (Dongfeng Automobile), BOE technology, Navinth, Tencent, Huawei, and the University of Electronic Science and Technology, who actively contributed various aspects of the standardization process while also engaging in active communication and exchange with other leading international enterprises. It also has the support of Canada, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Such collaborative efforts would make the technology standard more palatable for implementation domestically and aboard with great prospect.


CMMB’s technology has reached top international level leading the development of the global industry

The core part of this standard adopts the core technology of CMMB’s “5G + Satellite Space-Ground Convergence and Deep Network Integration”, which is developed by the Company’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Hui Liu and the technical team, and the Company has the relevant intellectual property rights. The second award by the ITU fully demonstrates the forward-thinking of the Company’s data connectivity and transmission technology in the field of satellite internet and 5G, the high esteem industry peer conferred, and the leadership the Company holds in the sustainable development of global industries. As a high-tech enterprise rooted in Hong Kong with backing of the China market while facing a world’s opportunities in the aerospace and satellite Internet business, the Company is greatly honoured by the ITU recognition, which also provides tremendous confidence to the Company’s determination and endeavor in developing the high-tech satellite internet business in Hong Kong as the base while contributing to Hong Kong’s science and technology innovation as well as re-industrialization.


Standards are “permits” for large-scale commercialization, Company expects its technology quickly adopted by the industry to proliferate in the automotive market

A technology being made into a standard is the most significant step for it to be commercialized, as it will be universally accepted by the industry ecosystem, which in turn will merge and integrate the technology into various existing products and equipment capabilities and leverage the production scale to proliferate to market. At present, the Company is cooperating with various industry and government partners to promote the “Satellite-5G” technology to become a standard for China’s automobile industry and facilitate its pre-installation into future new cars for market penetration.


Leveraging the beneficial initiatives for the 14th Five Year plan to focus service deployment in the Greater Bay Area and ASEAN, the Company prospect is unlimited

In recent years, China has been dedicating enormous efforts in developing high-tech industries such as aerospace, autonomous-driving, 5G, connected-car, Internet of Things, and satellite Internet, and the Greater Bay Area has been designated as the largest commercial launching pad with many supporting government policies. As a key member of the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong has also been designated as the “International Science and Technology Innovation Hub” for China. CMMB is not only transforming into a satellite Internet /connected-car data service provider and as a main board listed company in Hong Kong, but also possesses unique converged technology and rare high-orbit geostationary satellite asset in APAC’s satellite internet markets. CMMB will actively collaborate with industrial partners in the Greater Bay Area to fully integrate into the national development strategy, so that its satellite Internet “data-as-a-service” business could be launched as soon as practicable. In addition, leveraging the ecosystem support of China, as well as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) continued to implement between China and ASEAN, the Company is also emboldened to extend its service platform to the ASEAN countries while paving the way to be Asia’s Satellite Internet Unicorn one day.


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