Top UC Vendors Majoring in Public Sector Solutions for 2022  

Companies in the public sector have endless opportunities to unlock incredible value with the right Unified Communication strategy. Whether in government, infrastructure, law environment, or the non-profit landscape, organisations can leverage UC as a tool for innovation and cost savings. 

However, the unique regulatory requirements and demands of the public sector also mean these companies often need specialist support to unlock the best results. Many turn to companies with specific experience in the public sector and government demands.  

Today, we will be looking at just some of the UC vendors with specific solutions perfect for the public sector.  


Microsoft Teams has rapidly emerged as a valuable tool for all kinds of companies making the shift to the modern age of Unified Communications. With integrations to a wide variety of connected and third-party devices, Microsoft’s ecosystem is one of the most flexible. For many public sector companies with unique requirements, Microsoft could be the most versatile way to build a bespoke solution for communications.  

Public Sector organisations can work either directly with Microsoft or through various partners in the company’s direct routing and Operator Connect environments to unlock the potential of an enhanced UCaaS environment. The Teams platform could also form the foundation of a unified UCaaS and CCaaS strategy for some groups.  


A world-leading solution for reliable communications and customer experience, Avaya promises reliability, flexibility, and scalability for public sector companies. With Avaya, organisations in the public sector can explore a host of best-in-class tools capable of offering efficiency and cost savings, alongside innovation and flexibility.  

To ensure public sector organisations remain compliant with the latest regulations, Avaya’s cloud solutions have the highest security and privacy solutions in place. What’s more, companies also have the freedom to deploy their Avaya technology however they choose.  ci


Cisco is a comprehensive solution for public sector companies searching for new ways of implementing digital transformation. Organisations can access everything from flexible cloud environments with high security and privacy protection levels to powerful communication tools. The Cisco ecosystem also has a wide range of hardware options. 

It’s hard to go wrong with Cisco for public sector groups searching for a technology and communication provider capable of delivering solutions for the entire tech stack. The company can even work on bespoke solutions for individual companies and groups. So, if you have specific needs, Cisco could be the perfect tool for you.  


Companies in the public sector often find themselves balancing exceptional functionality and innovation with budget-friendly pricing. Fortunately, companies like RingCentral can help in this regard. The RingCentral ecosystem offers a flexible and highly affordable way for groups of all sizes to invest in digital transformation initiatives. Business leaders can access a lower total cost of ownership while maintaining high levels of security and privacy. 

RingCentral’s wide range of solutions for the public sector includes all-in-one cloud-based tools where companies and non-profit groups can combine messaging phone functionality, video, and contact centre in one convenient pane of glass. RingCentral even offers pay-as-you-go and on-demand self-service pricing too.  


A global leader in powerful audio and visual technology, Poly ensures companies in the public sector can access the hardware they need to support their digital transformation initiatives. Poly’s solutions are suitable for state, local, and federal government groups and various other public sector segments. They prioritise safety, security, and ease of use for all users.  

Public sector groups can use Poly to build and empower a more efficient team with various tools to choose from, including all-in-one room kits, video cameras, and noise-cancelling headsets. Poly’s technology also comes with the added benefit of remote management and analytics tools. This could be perfect for the new age of hybrid teams.  


Zoom is quickly proving to be more than just a solution for quick and efficient video conferencing. Several public sector groups have begun to embrace Zoom’s comprehensive range of UCaaS tools to empower digital transformation in recent years. The company’s focus on ease of use and its recent increase in investment towards security make it a powerful choice for a range of organisations. 

Zoom even has its dedicated solution available for government groups, ideal for those who need a highly secure and versatile platform for phone, chat, meetings, and video calling. The all-in-one ecosystem has a range of certifications, including FedRAMP, NERC, and FIPS, to give government leaders more peace of mind.  


With services specially designed for the public sector and the unique needs of companies in this industry, Vonage is helping all kinds of organisation to evolve and thrive in the age of digital transformation. Vonage offers a suite of comprehensive, unified communication tools and communication APIs for government groups in need of more flexibility.  

With Vonage, teams in the public sector can effectively combine all of their tools for better business productivity and efficiency in the same unified space. There’s even access to integrations for your contact centre and UCaaS environment, so you can keep teams connected when they’re working together on solving citizen problems.  

Google Cloud 

Google Cloud recently introduced new public sector tools specifically to assist groups with unique needs for scalability, cloud communications and more. The full Google cloud environment allows agencies to improve citizen services at speed, boost innovation, and update operational efficiencies through collaboration, communication, and networking tools.  

Using the Google Cloud space, organisations have access to tools for remote working like video conferencing, chat and collaboration tools, research insights, analytics systems, and a wide variety of productivity software options. Google has already helped several public sector groups achieve their goals in the last couple of years.  


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