Ashut Engineers: High Quality Furniture that Completes the Healthcare Environment in Kenya


The overriding goal of a healthcare establishment is to keep patients comfortable and safe. Hospital visits can be a terrible ordeal that forces patients and family members to adjust to the new situation. The challenge often exacerbates when a facility has substandard furniture that predisposes the already distressed patients to discomfort. Therefore, acquiring high-quality furniture for a healthcare setup is a worthwhile investment for both patients and staff. An ergonomically designed furniture is essential to make patients optimistic while giving the staff a space to provide optimum service in an increasingly demanding environment.

High quality hospital furniture also promotes seamless functioning of the overall health system. It helps to preserve inflow and outflow of patients from a facility while promoting a positive attitude among patients and staff.

In Kenya and East Africa, Ashut Engineers Ltd leverages cutting edge technology and innovation to produce furniture that completes the healthcare environment. With more than four decades of experience in the business, the company has gained a reputation for producing aesthetically appealing hospital furniture that meet all practical purposes. Moreover, their significant capacity gives them the ability to produce large quantities of customized products within specified time ranges.

With a maiden focus on the end user, Ashut’s furniture is designed to give patients and caregivers’ maximum comfort. The growing concerns for quality healthcare imply the need for technologically advanced furniture within hospitals. Ashut leverages experience, innovation and culture to cater for the diverse hospital furniture needs. Furthermore, all their products are subjected to an internal quality control process to ensure they meet international standards for healthcare furniture.

When selecting ideal furniture for a healthcare setup, purchasers need to consider:

• Aesthetics – Colours can influence the mood and encourage patients to recover quickly. Ashut builds furniture that has warm colours that are pleasing to the eye, with the aim of crafting furniture that exudes comfort and vibrance.

• Comfort – One of the crucial points to consider when purchasing hospital furniture is comfort. It influences the effectiveness of the furniture. Hospital furniture should provide a high level of comfort which is important for the best outcome. Comfort is key for any health centre and having the best furniture is the first move to be taken. Due to the need of keeping patients comfortable, Ashut strives to better its products by including systems that can amplify their comfort.

• Durability – When selecting hospital furniture, one of the crucial tips to consider is its durability. It is important to choose durable furniture because of the surplus load it will be taking. For that reason, it is recommended to acquire furniture that can effortlessly take up to 400 pounds for best results. Ashut ensures that parts of furniture selected can be replaced easily.

• Easy cleaning – One of the main needs of any medical care centre is cleanliness. Hospital heads need to purchase superior furniture that does not deteriorate fast. Furnishings with inadequate protective coating can help viruses and germs spread rapidly. This is why it is vital to invest in high-quality furniture that need minimum maintenance.

Below are some of the high quality hospital furniture provided by Ashut, including: baby examination couches, delivery beds, stretcher beds, examination beds, drip stands, wheelchairs, bedside cabinets, screen wards, compartment lockers, etc.

Ashut hospital furniture
Baby Examination Couch / Delivery Bed
Ashut hospital furniture
Cholera Stretcher Bed
Ashut hospital furniture
Examination Bed / Drip Stand
Ashut hospital furniture
Ward Bed / Wheelchair
Ashut hospital furniture
Bedside Cabinet / Screen Ward 4-Fold
Ashut hospital furniture
Staff changing 4 compartment locker / Waiting area heavy duty metal link chair
Ashut hospital furniture
Sneeze Guard / Reception desk

ABOUT ASHUT: Since its incorporation, Ashut Engineers Ltd has become a leading manufacturer of a wide range of products made from plastic, steel, wood and aluminium. From its origins in a small workshop in Nairobi, Ashut has grown into a corporate entity with an office space of 250,000 square feet, across 10 acres of land. With more than 40 years of experience in East Africa, the company now employs over 1,300 people and offers a wide range of products and solutions, including: luxury home furniture made of hardwood, warehouse racking and storage, supermarket shelving and convenience store fittings, luxury and modular office furniture, staff lockers and filing cabinets, school furniture, hospital furniture, agriculture equipment (wheelbarrows and milk cans), as well as industrial drums.


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