How Cloud4C is delivering on the promise of digital transformation

Siew Foong Wong (Cloud4C Services)

Siew Foong Wong (Cloud4C Services)

Credit: Cloud4C Services

As businesses emerge from a challenging 12-24 months, the need for digital transformation and competitive differentiation is coming into sharp focus.

With innovation high on the agenda – spearheaded by accelerated cloud migration projects – organisations are shifting gears and embracing change to meet new market demands post-pandemic.

“Digital transformation means different things to different organisations,” observed Siew Foong Wong, associate vice president of Channels and Alliances across ASEAN at Cloud4C Services.

Whether creating a digital twin or transforming processes with automation, data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), Siew Foong acknowledged that in the enterprise, “no two projects are ever the same”.

“No matter how mature organisations think they are, groups and departments are still starving for more efficiencies and easier ways to get their work tasks completed each day,” Siew Foong acknowledged.

“A great starting point is to ask is, ‘how do we offer the best experiences to employees, customers and partners? 95 per cent of the time, that is where our journey with our customers starts.”

According to Siew Foong, a considered and strategic approach to digital transformation and cloud migration is required to maximise the potential of emerging technologies. 

“For organisations that have tried to put everything in the cloud as fast as possible, those projects come to a screeching halt,” she cautioned. “Customers must answer key questions such as, which systems should we sunset? Which systems should we migrate? Where do we consolidate them?”

In response, and through leveraging widespread industry experience in leading digital transformation initiatives, Cloud4C offers businesses a cloud adoption blueprint to help craft a “pragmatic transformation” roadmap.

“Execution is arguably the riskiest part of digital transformation,” Siew Foong said. “Even the most enthusiastic and bought-in teams can lose momentum when practical delivery challenges threaten to derail a transformation project.

“We work to remove the risk from digital transformation initiatives right from the planning and execution phases, but most importantly by managing the improved IT landscape.”

In short, Siew Foong said Cloud4C helps identify the “stated and unstated” demands of customers, before tying technology changes with business outcomes through a commitment to “continuous optimisation” during modernisation projects.

The aim? To “de-risk” the entire transformation program to help customers focus solely on strategic business priorities, rather than IT challenges.

“Our unique positioning as a dynamic, innovative and hyper connected organisation is likely to mark new trajectories of growth and ethical profitability,” Siew Foong added.

“Resting on a team of talented people and our domain expertise, we have delivered on our financial commitments, introduced one-of-the-kind solutions and consistently transitioned our business model to cater to modern organisations.

“As we look to the future, we seek to operate with transparency, keeping our minds and hearts open with the conviction to drive our customers towards success. We are confident of emerging stronger than before and remain poised to unlock greater value for our stakeholders.”

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Singapore-based Cloud4C operates as an automation-driven and application-focused cloud managed service provider (MSP), serving more than 4000 enterprise customers across 52 markets.

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