Supermarkets told to exclude soy traders linked to deforestation

The call follows a report​ by US non-profit group, Mighty Earth, which claims to have found that suppliers selling soy to traders such as Bunge, Cargill, COFCO, LDC, and ALZ Grãos have deforested at least 27,000 hectares across 10 farms in the Cerrado region of Brazil since August 2020.

Mighty Earth said these traders continue to sell their soy to soy users and buyers, many of which have committed to an August 2020, or earlier, cut-off date, which prevents them from buying meat connected to any supplier engaged in destruction of natural ecosystems.

“It is time for the retailers, manufacturers, investors, and financiers, who support the meat industry with their purchases, investment, and financing, to draw the line and enforce the 2020 cut-off date for deforestation and conversion.”

As part of this endeavor, leading supermarkets such as Tesco, Carrefour, Asda, Lidl and Sainsbury’s, should work with CSOs and the Retail Soy Group (RSG) to set up effective, fully transparent and cross-ecosystem soy monitoring and traceability systems for the Cerrado, Brazil and beyond, said the campaigners.

“Retailers need to have policies that are very clear about what they will accept in their supply chains or not in terms of deforestation and what they are going to do about it if they find evidence of deforestation linked to their supply chains,”​ Alex Wijeratna, senior director, global protein campaign, Mighty Earth, told FeedNavigator.

This is really about accountability and where that accountability resides, he said.  

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