Hmong-inspired, compostable plates hope to replace plastic

Ying Xiong grew up attending large Hmong events and weddings where guests were served food in styrofoam or plastic dishes that went into the landfill. 

She wanted to combine her culture with her interest in sustainability, so in June, Xiong launched JY Line, a small business that sells biodegradable, Hmong-inspired dinnerware.

“My thought was, ‘Let’s find something that’s probably better for the environment,’ and so that’s what really inspired me to create these plates,” Xiong said. “The reason why it’s Hmong-inspired is so that we can use it at our community parties and our activities.”

Xiong, 39, runs the company by herself out of her home in Woodbury. The name JY Line came from Xiong’s first name and Jane, a secondary name she also uses.

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