CSM Ingredients Outlines Its “Thrive for Impact” Strategy: An Approach Paving the Way for Its Evolution as a Purpose-Driven Organization Fostering Collaborative Change Within the Sector

As illustrated in its newly released Sustainability Report – the company’s first – CSM Ingredients is embarking on a transformation journey as it works towards its vision of becoming a “net positive, ingredient tech platform enabling taste and nutrition for a new world”

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (July 19th, 2022) – CSM Ingredients, a global player in the innovation and production of food tech ingredients, unveils its novel approach to sustainability by outlining its “Thrive for Impact” plan: the company’s strategy to position itself as a driver for the new future of food and promoting a virtuous approach to business that sees society and the planet at the heart of all operations. To transparently present this approach and as a tool to track progress on its journey, the company has published its first Sustainability Report, available today on the company’s website (https://bit.ly/3B0MepX).

Aldo Uva, CEO of CSM Ingredients, stated, “Following the implementation of our new business structure in 2021, over the past year we have worked hard to assess, plan and articulate our sustainability journey; one that is driven at the core of everything we do by our net-positive approach, and supported by our ‘Thrive for Impact’ strategy.  For this reason, at CSM Ingredients we are proud to communicate our first steps to becoming a net positive ingredient-tech platform.” He added, “Indeed, rooted in our strong heritage, we are in a phase of true transformation, and it goes without saying that if the food industry is to evolve, the ingredients industry must evolve first through a collaborative approach.”

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CSM Ingredients’ introductory Sustainability Report outlines a concentrated effort to evolve and elevate the Group’s historied and varied business units with an innate sustainably-minded approach. Within the document, the group’s initial results and actions are illustrated alongside a strategy for its journey forward, setting the baseline for incrementaltransparent and measurable concrete actions over the coming years; ones tied to complex industry-wide issues being tackled by world-class teams at CSM Ingredients alongside collaborations with customers and other key partners.

Key Sustainability Highlights

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, CSM Ingredients’ “Thrive for Impact” sustainability strategy is focused on three core pillarsPeoplePlanet, and Product. Through these filters, the company aims to address the dimensions of planet health, humanity’s well-being and agricultural wealth, all closely linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and representing the cornerstones of a broader ambition of becoming a driving force in the industry through a net-positive ingredient tech platform. Some of the key highlights, as outlined in the Sustainability Report, include:

I. PEOPLE:  From employees to partners, suppliers through to communities within the company’s ecosystem, CSM Ingredients is focusing on generating value for people with actions that include Community Outreach, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Heath & Safety. To achieve this, for example, numerous initiatives help inspire impact both internally and externally thanks to the development of best-in-class policies created in partnership with business partners with shared values, employee volunteerism drives, local partnerships, and more. Additionally, by 2025, the company expects to become fully ISO45001 compliant in all its facilities, setting a standard for management systems of occupational health and safety.

II. PLANET: With a long-term business approach in mind, CSM Ingredients is ensuring care and safeguarding the planet’s natural resources for both current and future generations. Key areas of strategic focus for support of this pillar include Water & Waste Circularity, Responsible Sourcing and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions. Among the activities, CSM Ingredients has started to replace traditional electricity sources at its sites with those generated by renewables. In fact, solar panels have been installed at most sites, with the objective reach 100% renewable energy by 2025. Additionally, the company is partnering with Climate Partner to measure its Corporate Carbon Footprint (23,961.28 tons of CO2 emissions in 2021), making it possible to better monitor progress.

III. PRODUCT: as in industry leader, CSM Ingredients is ensuring all product innovation activities have sustainability as a mandatory entry point with a focus on key impact areas: Increasing Plant-Based, Packaging, Sugar and Salt Reduction, as well as Increasing Biodiversity. For instance, sustainability is now embedded across the entire business as a shared responsibility, with all new product developments, reformulations, and innovations now vetted through this crucial lens. Furthermore, the company’s efforts in terms of R&I will be invested to further expand the company categories portfolio, with two new product categories that are closely tied to the future of food: plant-based meat and dairy, as well as functional ingredients of natural origin with superior tech performances.

Meeting CSM Ingredients’ bold vision and strategy will be built on the above foundations through a journey that generates value within a complex ecosystem thanks to an ongoing critical evaluation of science-based targets, actions, and commitments. Indeed, the interactions between the company’s purpose-driven Leadership Team and its employees around the world seek to foster impact through best-practice knowledge sharing and engagement with key stakeholders at all levels, from experts within and beyond the food industry, all the way through to individuals in local communities.

About CSM Ingredients

CSM Ingredients is an Ingredient-Tech Platform offering customers innovative, effective and quality tailor-made solutions across six multi-brand categories, ranging from traditional bakery through to plant-based and functional ingredients. With more than a century of heritage and professional know-how, CSM Ingredients counts with over 1,500 employees, 9 product development & manufacturing sites, 4 Innovation Centers, and 4 Open Innovation Hubs. Reaching more than 100 countries worldwide, the organization generates over €640 million in revenues (2021 figures). Driven by a sustainability vision to become Net Positive, this ambition is supported by the group’s “Thrive for Impact” strategy which aims to generate value across three pillars (people, planet, products) and enabled through specialized technical expertise alongside world-class research and innovation excellence. Indeed, CSM Ingredients seeks to identify new and existing opportunities based on emerging and growing trends through an open innovation approach. For more information: www.csmingredients.com

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