How GreenHonchos is accelerating the D2C industry

GreenHonchos is a full-stack D2C enabler helping brands exponentially grow their exclusive online channel with a Technology driven and Performance oriented approach towards operational ease and enhanced conversions.

As a leading D2C Enabler, GreenHonchos offers multiple end-to-end online commerce solutions, including eRetail consulting, eCommerce Technology, Growth Marketing, Digital Branding, Performance Marketing, Marketplace Management and Analytics & Insights. The company provides solutions to brands of all size, scale and category within a consulting framework for helping them scale profitably online.

In this interview, Navin Joshua discusses trends in the D2C space and how GreenHonchos is helping brands succeed in the domain.

● How Deeptech is accelerating the D2C brands’ growth?

To enable end-to-end automation, D2C brands are trying to leverage emerging Deeptech tenets like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Vision and Speech Algorithms, Speech Synthesis, Robotics, Logistics Planning/Drones, and IoT. As we step towards a new age of technological advancements, GreenHonchos is implementing cutting-edge technologies to personalize the customer experience, automate customer interactions, reduce RTOs, helping marketers with a coherent picture of multiple data points, and AI-assisted analytics and insights.

● Can you recommend some core factors to consider when choosing the right e-commerce platform?

Choosing the right eCommerce platform is the first step in building a successful online business. The platform you choose would require investment in terms of time and resources, thus, making it a big task to switch it further in the future. In the market, there are two types of eCommerce platforms readily available. On one hand, you have legacy platforms that are resource hungry and a bit outdated and on the other hand, new-age SaaS products which are not as customizable and lack an Indian perspective.

That’s where KartmaX by GreenHonchos comes in. KartmaX is a new-age Headless, Serverless, and AI-powered eCommerce platform that offers solutions relevant to the Indian context, like offering simple sign-in through Mobile numbers and OTP. Not only this, KartmaX offers:

1.   Complete customizability in terms of the UI/UX, backend logic, APIs & admin panel, or dashboard interfaces.

2.   With limitless scalability, KartmaX was able to contribute to 40% Revenue growth, INR 2.2+ billion GMV annually, 2+ Million annual transactions and much more for brands.

3.   Maintenance Overhead is less due to multiple automation logics, a serverless design and a Pay-as-you-go model which introduces predictability and rids you of long-term investments like server cost, server upgrade, team building, etc. by keeping the costing completely transparent.

·        Give some insight into GreenHonchos’ six-month plans.

In the short term, GreenHonchos is focused on three key areas to boost its and its clients’ growth – Process Orientation, Technology Automation and Capability Building. By blending these three, we aim to engage with over 250 brands and businesses in the eRetail space, where tech will be a crucial area for investment and growth in terms of platform and solutions. Additionally, we will be heavily investing in content to commerce journey to partner with brands and broad base our marketing channels to include affiliate and influencer marketing. Our key objective is to optimize the profitability of brands by reforming the post-order management space and studying consumer behaviour and its impact on the pre-and post-order journey. We’re developing a full-stop automation stack by harnessing data points across the marketing and logistics landscape and integrating them into our ML and developing AI-based modules around them to sharpen the output. We have also ramped up our efforts to roll out advanced versions and modules of these platforms and automation initiatives.

● Recently the D2C segment is on the hustle; what are the new opportunities you are seeking this year?

Everyone knows that D2C is on the rise as everyone, from small online businesses to goliath legacy brands are coming online after the pandemic. What we are trying to do is look ahead of that and crack the conversion code and achieve profitability optimization. The name of the game in 2022 is not just GMV but also the viability of the business to build sustainability. We are also getting a number of brands onboarded on our in-house eCommerce platform – KartmaX. It is a headless, serverless, and AI-powered eCommerce platform that is made with the Indian market in mind. It has in-built features like Fraud Detection, Pincode blocker, Search AI, KartmaX checkout, etc. which are all focused on keeping Indian consumers in mind for maximum scale with higher conversions.

We are also trying to generate more transparency in the pre and post-order management space. There’s a huge impact of pre and post-order journey and consumption patterns of consumers on the optimization of profitability and we are trying to cook a secret sauce out of our everyday experiences. We are gathering data points across the marketing and logistics landscape into our own Machine Learning module to construct AI-based modules that will sharpen our output not only gross but also on the net. We are looking to close the loop and give an unadulterated view of the P&L.

● What are the GreenHonchos’s plans to strengthen the D2C ecosystem in India

As D2C empowers brands to take the reins of their marketing and business into their own hands, GreenHonchos empowers brands to build their own exclusive online channel. Partnering with all the top players in the D2C Ecosystem, from payment gateways to logistics solutions, GreenHonchos is a one-stop shop for over 100 leading D2C brands. Our service stack includes- eRetail Consulting, eCommerce Technology, Growth Marketing, Digital Branding, Marketplace Management, Analytics & Insights.

Post-order automation is one space where we are trying to revolutionize the India eCommerce ecosystem specifically due to the disruption this causes in consumer loyalty. We are trying out new technologies like dashboards for Analytics & Insights, a voice-assist platform, CX improvement through automation, etc., and working on perfecting our category expertise and broad basing the marketing channels for our brands. We are growing leaps and bounds with the productization of services and plan on a cohesive partnership within the ecosystem – part of which is what makes us full-stack. Coming from close to a decade of experience throughout the multiple stages of the industry, we are industry-leading consultants on all things eCommerce.

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