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Norwegian AgTech company Desert Control has developed a liquid natural clay
(LNC) that restores soil and reduces water usage for agriculture, forests, and
green landscapes. 
Amarenco provides infrastructures for low-carbon solar panels for the production
of photovoltaic electricity, reducing the carbon footprint of its customers and
improving their competitive edge.
Together, a strategic partnership agreement will be developed to implement the
use of LNC in undertakings related to the regeneration of soil and forest
program in connection with solar photovoltaic infrastructure initiated.

Sandnes, Norway, 21 September 2022 - Desert Control AS (DSRT) signs a Memorandum
of Understanding   with Amarenco to support the regeneration of soil and forest
Desert Control and Amarenco sign the ECHO Pledge Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU). This MoU forms part of Desert Control's early-stage preparations for
future global addressable markets. 

The ECHO pledges are Amarenco initiatives to offset its energy production
facilities by investing in programs for biodiversity protection and for soil
regeneration and positive footprint for the future generations. This encompasses
as for today, soil depollution and regeneration, forest regeneration, micro
forestation, regenerative agriculture, pastoralism, pollination among others.

Desert Control will support the Amarenco initiatives in strategic locations
aligned with strategic objectives from both sides; by supplying its patented
product called Liquid Natural Clay (LNC), a liquid natural mineral compound that
enables sand and degraded soil to retain water and nutrients, vital to soil

Ole Kristian Sivertsen, President and Group CEO of Desert Control, said:
"Amarenco and Desert Control share the mission to combat desertification and
soil degradation. Amarenco will identify soil regeneration opportunities within
the Amarenco Pledge, and Desert Control will support feasibility studies and
provide LNC to achieve the objectives for the programs. Our vision of Making
Earth Green Again is a solid driver for our partnership."  

Bernardo Mota Veiga, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Amarenco, said:
"This engagement with Desert Control confirms the commitment of Amarenco to
deploy meaningful solar infrastructures with strong environmental and social
commitment. Our use of land for our photovoltaic lands should not be a
consequence to, but a goal to protect, biodiversity. We believe a partner as
Desert Control will bring a solution to achieve our goal of regenerating 5000
hectares of land. We look forward to bringing this innovative technology to
France, Portugal and Spain where our activity is growing significantly."

The MoU outlines common targeted territories affected by drought, water
scarcity, desertification, and land degradation in Southern Europe.
Desertification has been a growing threat in the EU. The negative economic and
environmental impact have pushed the pressing importance of this problem to see
more actions. 
The LNC solution comes as the success factor to achieve the mutual mission of
soil regeneration with optimal impact.

The partnership targets the implementation of regeneration programs with Desert
Control technology in more than 5000 Hectares of soil in the target Territories
over a five (5) years period from the establishment of a strategic partnership

The LNC innovation combats desertification with loss of fertile soil and helps
prevent plant fatalities in areas with limited access to freshwater or sweet
water resources. Following 12 years of R&D, the LNC innovation has been
undergoing external validation in the United Arab Emirates from 2019 throughout
2021, and extended validation to the United States in 2022. LNC can improve the
quality of the soil with better water and nutrient retention, vital to
regenerate biodiversity of the soil ecosystem. 

Cautionary Note   

Disclaimer related to forward-looking statements. 

This release contains forward-looking information and statements relating to the
business, performance, and items that may be interpreted to impact the results
of Desert Control and/or the industry and markets in which Desert Control

Forward-looking statements are statements that are not historical facts and may
be identified by words such as "aims", "anticipates", "believes", "estimates",
"expects", "foresees", "intends", "plans", "predicts", "projects", "targets",
and similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements are based on current
expectations, estimates, and projections, reflect current views concerning
future events, and are subject to risks, uncertainties, and assumptions, and may
be subject to change without notice. Forward-looking statements are not
guaranteeing any future performance, and risks, uncertainties, and other
important factors could cause the actual business, performance, results, or the
industry and markets in which Desert Control operates in to differ materially
from the statements expressed or implied in this release by such forward-looking

No representation is made that any of these forward- looking statements or
forecasts will come to pass or that any forecasted performance, capacities, or
results will be achieved, and you are cautioned not to place any undue reliance
on any forward-looking statements.

For more information, please contact: 

Nancy Carda 
Head of Group Marketing and Communications
Desert Control

Mobile (UAE): +971 50 66 01097 

Ole Kristian Sivertsen 
President and Group CEO  

Mobile (NOR): +47 957 77 777 
Mobile (USA): +1 650 643 6136
Mobile (UAE): +971 52 521 7049 

About Desert Control: 

Desert Control specializes in climate-smart AgTech solutions to combat
desertification, soil degradation, and water scarcity. Its patented Liquid
Natural Clay (LNC) enables sustainable ecosystem management by restoring and
protecting soil's ability to preserve water and increase yields for agriculture,
forests, and green landscapes. LNC enables sand and degraded soil to retain
water and nutrients, thus increasing crop yields and ecosystem resilience while
preserving water resources by up to 50%.    

Agriculture and food production already consume more than 70% of all available
freshwater. Desertification and soil degradation further increases water
consumption in a negative spiral. Our growing global population will require
more food in the next 40 years than was produced over the last 500 years,
putting even more pressure on vital resources such as water. This is the problem
Desert Control is determined to solve. According to the United Nations, twelve
million hectares of fertile land perish to desertification, representing an
annual $490 billion loss to the global economy. 

Desert Control's vision is making earth green again.

About Amarenco:

Amarenco, which has built over 2000 solar projects to date and a significant
part of those tied to agriculture sector, is committed to driving the global
energy transition by providing competitive edge photovoltaic infrastructure
Amarenco will apply its ECHO pledge, the corporate commitment to improve
ecosystems, in those new projects by bringing soil and biodiversity regeneration
initiatives to several target territories. 
This partnership with Desert Control will create the roots for Amarenco deeper
involvement in soil regeneration.
Amarenco Group with offices in Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain Thailand, Egypt,
Oman and Singapore, is a leading independent solar power producer, which
develops, finances, delivers and manages solar infrastructure with over 300MW of
assets in operation. 
For more information, please contact: 

Pierre Ferra
Group Head of Outreach Communication

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