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R3i/SLT 2022

R3i/She Loves Tech 2022

Our startup ecosystem including DeepTech and MedTech ventures in the R3iMetaverse on oVice reinforces our focus on gender-smart climate finance and innovation.

LUXEMBOURG, September 21, 2022 / — R3i Ventures (https://www,, the global cross-border DeepTech and MedTech venture builder and advisory firm connecting visionaries with the talent, know-how and access to capital to scale innovative products with environmental and social impact, and oVice (, a virtual space provider for offices, events and education, announce the launch of the R3i Metaverse for Business.

“R3i’s ecosystem is built from the ground up to mobilize USD 1bn for climate impact through investment, venture building and acceleration of our investee companies to accelerate ESG Product impact over the next decade. R3I’s Metaverse – the new oVice platform on which we now work, live, connect, and collaborate, is purposely designed to inclusively accelerate commercial, social and intellectual capital access for our founders. It is designed to connect across the R3i ecosystem of companies, that covers the entire value chain of venture capital, from foresight research to economic and ecosystem development, venture investment, venture building and incubation,” states Leesa Soulodre, R3i’s Founding General Partner.

“Our R3i metaverse is also designed to break down barriers for women and minorities in accessing social, commercial and intellectual capital, delivering accelerated growth and scale for their enterprises, and accelerated mark ups and returns for our fund” she continues. According to Soulodre,“Everything we do is intrinsically designed to accelerate our founder’s ESG product impact.”

Partnering with oVice to create a metaverse space shows that R3i Ventures is committed to gender-smart climate finance initiatives. In a year, an average person in the developed world adds 136 kg of CO2 to the carbon footprint from the emails they send and receive (equivalent to an extra 320 km driven in a car).This is no longer essential given the real time engagement across the R3i metaverse as the platform delivering ease of translation across genders, geographies, sectors, and generations. Recent studies show that most executives believe the metaverse will have a positive impact and bring about change in their industries. It is estimated that the metaverse can generate more than 15% of corporate revenue within 5 years.

oVice Founder Sae Hyung Jung states “We are excited to partner with R3i Ventures and assist in promoting innovation and climate impact, as well as bridging the gender gap among startup founders. Supporting creative projects and leveling the playing field in access to work opportunities and knowledge has been at the heart of oVice since the inception of the platform. Considering the success R3i Ventures has achieved in advocating for these values, we are honored to partner with them on building a virtual space accessible to founders and investors”.

oVice, founded in 2020, already has a user base of over 2,200 organizations. The company accelerates impact by making remote work, online learning, and large-scale events accessible for professionals and innovators across the globe. oVice will support the R3i Ventures metaverse and house R3i Ventures, R3i Capital, R3i IPX, the House of X, the House of MedTech, the House of Deeptech, and the R3i Impact Foundation. This brings together R3i Ventures foresight and research ecosystems, its economic development activities, the House of MedTech and House of DeepTech Singapore, Luxembourg and Texas regional accelerators and R3i Capital related climate impact investments – all under one virtual roof.

oVice combines all communication styles: chat, instant audio supports simultaneous screen sharing and broadcasting. A rich toolset and reliable tech infrastructure make the platform well-suited to supporting R3i’s global-scale projects.

This collaboration will support the delivery of a virtual office ecosystem to startups addressing Gender Lens, and/or Climate Impact—specifically those founders with IP based solutions that have tangible ESG Product impact, in an intelligent city context. The joint project between oVice and R3i Ventures is the result of matching goals and values; both companies prioritize climate, autonomy and freedom, and focus on providing freedom, inclusion, and space for knowledge sharing through innovative climate tech solutions and initiatives.

This week R3i wraps up its first startup events supported by oVice, the R3i Bootcamps for the 10 Japanese and South Korean finalists of the 2022 She Loves Tech Global Competition, the world’s largest startup competition for female entrepreneurs. With a program built to take them global, founders enjoy working sessions with R3i Capital Founding General Partner, Leesa Soulodre on Customer Experience Strategy and iAmRemarkable with Google; Scaling your team with Fingerprint for Success experts Annie Luu and Max Young; Product Market Fit with Graham Kennedy, Singapore Fintech, Autumn; and IP, Brand Protection and Anti Counterfeit, with PhiVentures, and more.

R3i will use our metaverse for the benefit of our entire community, from the female founders coming through the SLT competition to our startups in the R3i incubator and accelerator ecosystem, our collaborations with our trusted partners, and to promote high-level events for women in positions of power and academic research for accelerating climate impact.

For more information, contact:

Barbara Erskine, Chief of Brand and Community

Nadia Vashkovska, Media Relations

oVice is a global virtual office space provider designed to facilitate collaboration and talent management in hybrid and remote workplaces. The platform pioneered the concept of the virtual office — an online space that resembles a physical office by design and features – in Japan and became one of the leading SaaS companies in the country.

Like a physical office, oVice enables instant connections and gives a clear view of who is available at the moment. First-time users can experience the features of the platform and directly connect with the product team in a public tour space.

R3I Ventures is a female-founded cross-border DeepTech and MedTech venture builder and advisory firm. It aims to accelerate the ecosystem development of deeptech commercialisation, capitalisation and R&D. Its House of X ( programs offer an early-stage accelerator connecting visionaries with the talent, knowhow and access to capital to scale breakthrough innovation for impact. R3i Capital, its deeptech venture capital firm, a signatory to Beyond the Billion, has committed to mobilising USD1bn over the next decade for climate impact via its series of gender lens – urban impact Smart Futures funds.

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