AZ Big Media NAU boosts education with Arizona Attainment Alliance

Today, Northern Arizona University (NAU) announced a new, first-of-its-kind partnership with all ten community college districts across the state and the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) to launch the Arizona Attainment Alliance (A++). This unique partnership aims to harness the collective impact of distinct institutions based on a shared desire toContinue Reading

10+ can't-miss Houston business and innovation events for October

Houston’s busy business event season is in full swing, and there are ton of local innovation and entrepreneurship-focused programming across the city. Here’s a rundown of what all to throw on your calendar for October when it comes to innovation-related events. This article will be updated as more business andContinue Reading

Widespread "Forever Chemicals" in Subsurface Environments

Editors’ Vox is a blog from AGU’s Publications Department. Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are human-made chemicals used widely in a multitude of different applications and commercial products. While useful, these chemicals are potentially toxic to human health, wildlife, and the environment, and do not easily break down in theContinue Reading

How to create sustainable growth in the metaverse

The commercial opportunities offered by the metaverse are potentially ground-breaking, with first estimates claiming that the metaverse will likely be a $8 trillion to $13 trillion opportunity by 2030 – across all sectors and industries. The challenge? Capturing this value. For leaders considering getting started, experts from Simon-Kucher & PartnersContinue Reading

Justin Purohit profile picture

piranka Corporate Office Properties Trust (NYSE:OFC) is a real estate investment trust (“REIT”) that owns a portfolio of specialized properties that support the U.S. Government (“USG”) and its contractors, most of whom are engaged in mission-critical national security, defense, and information technology (“IT”) related activities. Though their assets are primarilyContinue Reading

Speech by Governor Brainard on central bank digital currencies

I want to start by thanking Anna Kovner, Rochelle Edge, and Bill Bassett for organizing this conference. The current global environment highlights the importance of having strong analytic and empirical foundations to understand financial stability considerations for monetary policy, and the research presented today will help strengthen those foundations.1 TheContinue Reading

Viscom : achieves annual forecast for 2020 in difficult market environment

NIO Publishes its 2021 ESG Report September 30, Shanghai – NIO officially published its 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, which demonstrates NIO’s management, practices and performance in the areas of environment, society and corporate governance in 2021. Blue sky NIO has placed great emphasis on low-carbon development, ecologicalContinue Reading