Helping producers to cope in this inflationary environment (by slashing €185,000 off annual costs)

Sadly, bleak economic news is the order of the day. Inflation is rising, hitting 10% in September 2022 in Europe, up from April’s record high of 7.4%.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused massive disruption and soaring energy costs across the world. Prices for raw materials such as grain and wheat have also escalated sharply due to the conflict.

Looking ahead, the EU’s Winter 2022 interim forecast predicts inflation will become more manageable in 2023, at 3.2% for the entire community (2.7% for the euro zone).

“Even so, amid such uncertainty, rising input costs are likely to be a fact of life for food manufacturers in both the short and medium term,”​ said Rob Rogers, Mettler-Toledo’s senior advisor, Food Safety & Regulation.

Focus on solutions

Mettler-Toledo C-Series checkweighing systems equipped with FlashCell load cell technology

C-Series checkweighing systems equipped with FlashCell load cell technology

Given the situation, Rogers said it’s essential for producers to focus their minds on efficiency, productivity and waste reduction, while the correct product inspection tech can certainly ease the pressure too.

Case study

Jewel Date had a manufacturing challenge with its old product inspection system that was costing days of production time and high energy costs.

The California producer of whole dates, date butters, date sugars and date pastes was having to freeze its date paste in 18kg bulk packages before inspection, because the existing system couldn’t handle hot paste. The result was a five-day delay, complicated logistics and a great deal of extra energy use.

Its solution was to install the Mettler-Toledo Profile Advantage Pipeline metal detection system, which can handle hot paste.

With no need to freeze bulk volumes, rejected paste now comes in much smaller quantities, and the delays and logistical issues have been eliminated.

“The system saves us an enormous amount of time, labour and utilities,”​ said Jewel Date’s operation manager Steve Luicci.

“I can’t begin to imagine how much time and money it has saved. Most importantly, it’s twice as sensitive as our previous system and has almost no false rejects.”

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