OPPO: Elevating the modern digital lifestyle

The ‘Smart Bangladesh’ vision entails wider access to modern technology as well as the integration of information technology in the social, economic and commercial development of Bangladesh. Smartphones, an essential form of technology that has become a popular communication gateway for many Bangladeshis, are a vital aspect of realising the ‘Smart Bangladesh’ goal and adopting what many local and international users refer to as a “digital lifestyle”.

A smart nation includes being up-to-date with means of modern communication that should be naturally integrated into one’s daily lifestyle. A recent study by the Global System for Mobile Communication Association (GSMA) has shown that in 2021, 48% of all mobile phone users in Bangladesh owned a smartphone, with the number expected to rise to 63% by 2025. This growing rise shows that smartphones are taking their place as the preferred communication gateway while helping people adopt a modernised, “digital” lifestyle – essential for building a smarter nation.

Since their official debut in Bangladesh in 2014, OPPO has cemented themselves as the go-to smartphone brand that caters to the ideal image of a digital lifestyle. Apart from delivering optimum performance, OPPO smartphones are considered by their dedicated user base as a unique form of fashion statement that has connected with the younger Bangladeshi users – a demographic that has come to enjoy the perks of a digital lifestyle.

In a smart nation, a digital lifestyle requires being technologically equipped to be future-ready. It is therefore crucial for the citizens of a smart nation to be digitally connected by having access to easy-to-use smart devices. OPPO focuses precisely on fulfilling this particular need. OPPO’s expanding ecosystem of smart devices and services helps to connect their users to a modern, digital lifestyle at every moment – by helping capture memories on the go and offering flexibility in terms of everyday use, answering the needs of the local masses. This way, OPPO, a representative of modern, accessible technology, is helping people adopt the digital lifestyle of their choice.

With greater connectivity comes the need for greater digital security, and OPPO is aware of this reality. While the brand’s devices connect the world, OPPO is focusing as much on the privacy and security features of its products as on ease of use. OPPO’s signature operating system, ColorOS, brings together easy everyday use with enhanced accessibility, security and customisation features. OPPO’s ColorOS has an anti-peeping feature that enhances the privacy and security of the user’s digital lifestyle. Additionally, features such as sidebar-screen translate, which allows quick translation via Google Lens; and PC Connect, which synchronises work across multiple screens and devices; further improve the ease, convenience, security and accessibility that a modern digital lifestyle would comprise.

For the modern smart device user, utility and fashion go hand in hand. OPPO, in fact, is also a firm believer in the aesthetics of modern technology – putting forward elegant smartphone designs that cater to the demographic of the digitally conscious.  As a modern-day pioneer of combining tech with fashion, featuring unique colour combinations and revolutionary new designs, OPPO is committed to delivering technology that boosts modern users’ personal fashion choices – making their mark as the go-to “fashion statement” brand for smartphones.

OPPO’s brand proposition ‘Inspiration Ahead’ further connects to the vision of a smarter Bangladesh, as they aspire to inspire breakthroughs to overcome all sorts of challenges and add value to one’s digital lifestyle. Producing modern innovations such as MariSilicon X, the cutting-edge imaging NPU for advanced night-time photography; OPPO Air Glass, a lightweight aR (assisted reality) device; and OPPO INNO World, a virtual showcase of OPPO products and events; OPPO is making newer technological breakthroughs a reality. OPPO is also a frontrunner in producing innovative smartphone-based technological features such as VOOC charging, a micro camera setup for close-ups on the tiniest details, and high-speed 5G support. As a digital lifestyle requires staying in touch with brand-new technology, OPPO’s lineup of experimental yet innovative breakthroughs maintains their mantra as the go-to digital lifestyle brand.

A significant example of OPPO’s signature combination of technology and style can be found in the recently released OPPO F21s Pro, which brings together everything OPPO stands for answering both the tech needs and fashion aspirations of young Bangladeshi smartphone users. Sporting a unique colour combination of pink, green and golden, the F21s Pro comes with a 32MP IMX709 front camera, which is said to capture 60% more light than standard RGB sensors.

Notably, OPPO has been working towards making 5G internet more accessible nationwide, ensuring a level of progress that is on par with the rest of the world while accounting for the nation’s currently existing digital landscape. In 2020, OPPO globally launched a 5G-based smart connection hub named 5G CPE Omni. Earlier this year, OPPO F21 Pro 5G also received a 5G compatibility certification from BUET.

While maintaining their reputation as a digital lifestyle brand, OPPO has also been providing the local workforce with employment opportunities and facilitating skill development through training in their local factory. Launched in November 2019, the OPPO product plant in Gazipur locally assembles and manufactures signature OPPO smartphones for millions of Bangladeshi users. The brand plans to continue investing in Bangladesh as the market continues to grow.

As per the country’s digital vision, Bangladesh aims to become a smart nation by 2041. Backed by leading smartphone brands such as OPPO driving the crux of digital lifestyle in Bangladesh, the development of a smarter Bangladesh accelerates every day.

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