The Texas Story: How mid-sized cities can prepare students for jobs of the future | Community

This is the second article in a series, The Texas Story, a special report from the George W. Bush Institute on paths to opportunity for young people in select Texas regions. Are young Texans on track for prosperous, self-determined lives? How do we know? And what might the outcomes mean for students and communities in other states? In a prior series last year, we explored these questions in Dallas, Houston and Austin. This fall, we visited two smaller Texas cities — Midland and Longview. See our earlier chapter about the challenges school districts in those two cities face in preparing students for the modern workforce. (And as always, please note: Below, we’re defining ‘governance’ as both the school board and the opportunistic use of public policy; ‘ecosystem’ as the broad coalition of organizations and community leaders focused on education and workforce outcomes across a city or region; and ‘innovation’ as the use of strong practice, sometimes new and sometimes not, with the goal of improving student outcomes.)

A community ecosystem fuels success

An innovative use of government programs

Clear and inspired governance is key

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