Emerging markets tap fintech to drive sustainable development

In the farmlands of Uganda, a new project aims to drive sustainable agriculture practices and protect biodiversity – using fintech.  The scheme combines remote sensor technology and payments data to make credit decisions that reward the most sustainable farmers. It’s led by Green Digital Finance Alliance, which was launched by AntContinue Reading

Allison Watkins Mallick

The $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package has ignited discussions about energy development projects. As companies plan their financing for future projects, they should also plan their environmental permitting strategy. With concerns about climate change and environmental justice now even more widespread, permitting risk—in the form of delayed and even deniedContinue Reading

Why Trying to Clean Up All the Ocean Plastic Is Pointless

Discarded plastic bags and other trash float above a shallow coral reef in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Photo: Ethan Daniels (AP) Cleaning up plastic in the ocean might seem indisputably like a good idea. After all, the oceans make up more than 70% of our planet, and we have basically trashedContinue Reading

Guyana’s oil discoveries reignite environment versus development debate

Since establishing ties in the 1970s, China has become a major contributor to Guyana’s economic development, with a presence in infrastructure, forestry, fisheries, wholesale and retail service​s​ sectors, as well as in gold and bauxite mining. After years of partnership in these industries​, China now appears well positioned to strengthenContinue Reading

Community and climate activists unite to pressure local governments on airports, plastic bags, natural gas | Seattle Times

When Seattle’s first commercial airport opened in 1928, Georgetown had been a vibrant community for more than half a century. “We were here before the airport was. They forget that,” says Rosario-Maria Medina, a community activist in this South Seattle neighborhood, just north of bustling Boeing Field. She’s sitting inContinue Reading