Importance of Accounting Traditional accounting took around 5,000 years to evolve. Accounting does not just predate writing, it is why writing was invented: the earliest written artifacts, such as this cuneiform clay tablet, were records of commodity trading. Image source: Met Museum However, carbon accounting at the company level hasContinue Reading

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Around the world, there is a growing realization that companies, not consumers, are key to the rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions needed to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change.  Here’s the challenge: Most corporate emissions fall into the category of Scope 3 emissions, the business term for emissionsContinue Reading

WEF Watch: carbon accounting | The Spectator Australia

Given the risk posed by the closed-door lobbying group more commonly known as the World Economic Forum, this year The Spectator Australia will be keeping a close eye on their latest projects and what they could mean for Australia if our politicians and large corporate CEOs decide to adopt their ideas. JustContinue Reading

New Movement Advocates for Major Shift in Accounting Profession

By Alina Nikishina. Formed and led by two former honorees of CPA Practice Advisor’s “40 under 40” and “20 under 40” Awards, the Accounting Alchemy Network (AAN) movement is advocating for a major shift in the accounting profession by empowering accountants to be a force for positive change in theContinue Reading

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Despite major efforts by environmentalists to spread the word about the dangers of plastic to our environment, plastic consumption and production are actually rising across the globe. This means that, in addition to the harm that plastic waste does to our oceans and wildlife, we need to contend with theContinue Reading

ESG agenda – enhancing the role of the accounting profession

ON March 23, 2022, Bursa Malaysia released a consultation paper that sought comments on its proposals to prescribe the Common Sustainability Matters for the Main Market Listing Requirements and ACE Market Listing Requirements in relation to sustainability reporting requirements. There are seven proposals. Five relate to the Main Market andContinue Reading