Environmental groups concerned by new permit for Eastern Shore facility with history of pollution, considering legal action – Baltimore Sun

Several environmental groups are concerned about a new five-year permit that the state issued to Valley Proteins, a Dorchester County industrial facility with a history of environmental violations. The environmental nonprofits, including the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and ShoreRivers, as well as local group Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth, are worriedContinue Reading

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Young innovators, policy-makers and activists around the world are working to secure their future on a healthy planet in stable and cohesive societies. Twenty-six youth delegates at this year’s Annual Meeting are focusing on nature and climate education, advocacy, innovation and entrepreneurship to safeguard the planet. Find out who theyContinue Reading

Czarnikow’s VIVE Programme Launches Its New Climate Action Initiative to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Sugar Supply Chains, in Partnership With Quantis

The VIVE Programme, a sustainability programme based on continuous improvement for the food and  beverage industry, strengthens its commitment to tackling the climate emergency by announcing its new  Climate Action programme today. Developed over the past 12 months with partner Quantis, a leading  environmental sustainability consultancy recently acquired by BostonContinue Reading

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Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is Singapore’s national trade association for startups. Established in 2003 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and re-launched as a private sector-led, non-profit organization in 2014, ACE focuses on five ecosystem pillars: startups, corporations, institutes of higher learning (IHLs), risk capital, and the publicContinue Reading

Unsung heroes of climate action: Accountants at the heart of sustainable decision-making for businesses | Press Releases | Asia

The United Nations (UN) Secretary-General has reminded the world that we are “on a fast track to climate disaster”. In Malaysia, we are already bearing the brunt of extreme weather caused by climate change: enduring hotter and hotter days, while also facing frequent torrential rain and unpredictable flooding.  So far, Malaysia’sContinue Reading

How faith can inspire environmental action

It has become clear that meaningful progress on climate change is not going to be achieved by one person or indeed, one government. Coordinated action between governments, industry, local leaders and society is needed urgently. The recent COP27 decision itself mentions the importance of local communities, cities, indigenous peoples andContinue Reading

The Geneva Association - Nature and the insurance Industry: Taking action towards a nature-positive economy - Notebook

The sustainability of natural capital is vital for socio-economic development and prosperity. Yet, nature has systematically been considered an externality – undervalued and mispriced by the public and private sectors. There is clear and concrete evidence of the large-scale impacts of nature degradation due to human activity, as well asContinue Reading