How an environmental allegory fuels Disney's latest animated adventure

Disney’s latest animated adventure, Strange World, has strong environmental themes. (Photo: ©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection) Stop us if this sounds familiar: Facing an unprecedented energy crisis, the citizens of a busy, bustling planet must abandon their dependence on a popular power source in favor of alternative energiesContinue Reading

Plastic Inspection Chamber Market is Predicted To Witness A Massive Growth Up To 2026 – The Daily Vale

Details Overview Of Plastics Packaging Film and Sheet Market Insights 2022 This section discusses about various aspects of Plastics Packaging Film and Sheet sector, including its size, trends, revenue forecasts and Latest Update: This has brought along several changes this report also covers the impact of Current COVID-19 situation. Sample RequestContinue Reading

Data Mastering in Conglomerates: A Korean Adventure

For chief data officers (CDOs), deploying master data management (MDM) is a necessary pain. But wading through the host of challenges, ranging from data silos, incompatible systems, poorly defined use cases to interdepartmental politics, is not for the faint-hearted. These are also reasons why many MDM projects fail. In conglomerates,Continue Reading