The Alarming, Overlooked Issue of Plastic Water Bottles

Every second in America, over 1000 bottles of water are opened, and over 85% of those bottles are not recycled. This brings the problem of one of the most neglected issues not just in America, but in the world. But before these bottles are even opened, they contribute to theContinue Reading

Australia’s environment law doesn’t protect the environment – an alarming message from the recent duty-quashing climate case

The Federal Court recently quashed a duty of care owed by the environment minister to Australian children, to protect them from the harms of climate change. The duty was attached to Australia’s federal environment law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. In reversing the decision that had establishedContinue Reading

MORE Alarming Cybersecurity Stats For 2021 !

Cyber attack on LED Display. getty Earlier this year I wrote a FORBES article called “Alarming Cybersecurity Stats: What You Need To Know For 2021.”  Alarming Cybersecurity Stats: What You Need To Know For 2021 ( It included an assortment of stats on the increase in threats to our digitalContinue Reading