Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and Process Safety: EPA Proposes Risk Management Program Rule Amendments | Beveridge & Diamond PC

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed to further amend its Clean Air Act Risk Management Program (RMP) rules and has issued a proposed rule. 87 Fed. Reg. 53556 (August 31, 2022). The proposed rule would add requirements to 40 C.F.R. Part 68 that would restore and enhance several ofContinue Reading

Plastic bottles collected in a plastic bag for recycling.

Amended bill text would require plastic beverage containers to have no less than 50% PCR after Jan. 1, 2030. | Glenn Highcove/Shuttestock Last-minute amendments to California bottle bill expansion legislation would remove the daily fee opt-out for retailers and instead require them to either accept containers or join a dealerContinue Reading

Environmental justice protest

This article originally appeared in Nexus Media News and was made possible by a grant from the Open Society Foundations. According to locals, two different types of odors emanate from the 366-acre High Acres Landfill, which sits just outside Rochester, New York.  “There’s the gas odors, and then there’s the garbageContinue Reading

Bloomberg Law

The US Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA rejected nearly 40 years of precedent requiring that courts give deference to the expertise and authority of a regulatory agency entrusted by Congress with implementing a law. Instead, the Supreme Court took great pains to undermine the authority of the EnvironmentalContinue Reading

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Breadcrumb Trail Links National Local News Local Business Business A recently published paper from researchers at Dalhousie University’s School for Resource and Environmental Studies concludes that mining companies have been able to amend their original operating conditions in ways that can have serious effects on water resources. Author of theContinue Reading

Bipartisan deal attracts energy, environment amendments

Senators kicked off amendment votes on the bipartisan infrastructure bill last night, but a COVID-19 case is threatening to upend the Senate schedule. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday after experiencing mild flu-like symptoms, could scramble the calculus for how the bill proceeds. Graham, who isContinue Reading