Backyard mosquito spraying booms, but may be too deadly

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — It’s an increasingly familiar sight in U.S. cities and suburbs: A van pulls up to the curb. Workers wearing gloves, masks and other protective gear strap on backpack-type mechanisms with plastic hoses, similar to leaf blowers. Revving up the motors, they drench trees, bushes and evenContinue Reading

Image courtesy of Pixabay By ERIC THOMASCourtesy Kansas Reflector I like to consider myself an advocate for the environment: someone who believes that climate change is a dangerous and advancing threat. I fret that our government doesn’t do more to encourage sustainability and alternative energy. But I am striking someContinue Reading

Be an environmental activist through your backyard gardening choices

Audio Astra reviews recent audio reporting on Kansas news, including podcasts and radio stories. Eric Thomas directs the Kansas Scholastic Press Association and teaches visual journalism and photojournalism at the University of Kansas. I like to consider myself an advocate for the environment: someone who believes that climate change is a dangerousContinue Reading

Gary Griggs, Our Ocean Backyard

An Earth-changing development took place in New York City in 1907 when plastic was first synthesized. It had all the right properties for a huge range of uses, including lightweight, flexible, strong, moisture resistant, relatively inexpensive, and a quality that has plagued us ever since, durability. This stuff just doesn’tContinue Reading

Rachel Kippen, Our Ocean Backyard

Santa Cruz is a community known for marching boldly into the great unknown, for pushing the envelope, and for pushing back against the plastic industry. From our domino of plastic bag bans throughout local jurisdictions and County-wide in the early 2010s, to working towards our Last Plastic Straw thanks toContinue Reading

Emmett Hopkins, husband to Fifth District Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, walks through a field of Sonoma County mustard. Lynda Hopkins photo.

On a beautiful day like today with the Pacific Ocean sparkling in the early spring sunshine, I am once again reminded of how lucky we are to live in this place of such natural beauty. This past weekend as we headed for a family hike, many folks were headed outContinue Reading