Reader of the week | Fight the plastic, not the ban

Catch the big fish The manufacturers are where the work needs to begin. Quite simply, if plastic is not produced at a wider scale, the effect will also automatically be reduced. People are still not in the habit of carrying their own bags and should also be penalised for theContinue Reading

The manufacture, import, stocking and sale of these single-use plastic (SUP) items are also now prohibited  (Photo: Bloomberg)

On Monday, India marked one month of an ambitious ban on the use of a select group of low-utility plastic items with high litter potential, ranging from earbuds to plastic cutlery and ice-cream sticks. The manufacture, import, stocking and sale of these single-use plastic (SUP) items are also now prohibited.Continue Reading

Lawrence City Commission takes next steps on plastic bag ban, methane gas at multimodal transfer hub – The Lawrence Times

Share this post or save for later Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday asked staff to review the Sustainability Advisory Board’s proposed ordinance banning single-use plastic bags. They also decided to move ahead with plans for the multimodal transfer facility to use methane gas. Vice Mayor Lisa Larsen pulled three SABContinue Reading

Plastic ban violations: BBMP collects Rs 1 crore worth fines

Plastic ban: BBMP collects Rs 1 crore worth fines DHNS, Bengaluru, Jul 17 2022, 19:29 ist updated: Jul 18 2022, 04:47 ist The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has collected Rs 1.14 crore in penalty for violating the single-use plastic rule.  According to a statement issued by the Palike, theContinue Reading

The ban on single-use plastics- The New Indian Express

This morning a little girl gave me a plastic-wrapped sweet to celebrate her birthday. She waited till I opened the wrapper, popped the sweet into my mouth and told her that it was very sweet. She ran away, leaving me with the wrapper. Coming from a famous company, the wrapperContinue Reading