What Is Ozempic Body? Plastic Surgeons Explain the Viral Phrase

Newsfeeds are flooded with the term “Ozempic Face,” which describes the rapid aging effect weight-loss patients may experience after losing fat in the face. Rising popularity of weight-loss injections has sparked the viral phrase, but what’s happening to the face is also happening to the body, say surgeons. According toContinue Reading


“You know you could easily fix that.” Miranda pointed at my mid-section. We were gathered under an umbrella at the pool, surrounded by middle-aged women with perfect figures. “You’re so thin that you’d recover fast.” I was perched on the edge of a sun lounger, wearing a bikini, and tryingContinue Reading

3D Printing Is Ready To Tackle Plastic Body Implants

3D-printed skull implant by German MedTech start-up Kumovis. Kumovis After an accident left a 40-year-old woman in Sweden with a massive head injury late last year, she received a 3D-printed implant made from a plastic called PEEK to repair her skull. It was the first time a hospital had designedContinue Reading

Localities sampled Ten localities on Gotland, Sweden, were sampled and processed for ophiuroid microfossils (Fig. 1; Supplementary Figs 1, 2). Ireviken30,31: Llandovery and Wenlock series, Telychian and Sheinwoodian stages, Pterospathodus amorphognathoides through Upper Kockellela ranuliformis conodont zones, Lower Visby Formation through Högklint Formation (unit a). Ophiuroid sample is from the middle–upper portionContinue Reading

Participants The study’s participants were nine unacclimatized Japanese male adults who did not have currently or previously treated medical conditions, did not currently take medications, and had no smoking history (age: 24.4 ± 4.3 years; height: 169.6 ± 6.0 cm; body weight: 64.3 ± 7.5 kg; VO2max: 39.2 ± 4.68 mL/kg/min). Each participant received an explanation of the study and written informedContinue Reading

High-Level Advisory Body Informs China's Environment and Development Policies | News | SDG Knowledge Hub

Leading sustainability experts from around the world convened in Beijing, China and online to discuss policy recommendations for China. The recommendations are designed to inform China’s environment and development policies and practices, including its domestic policies, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and contributions to global environmental governance processes. TheContinue Reading