It’s high time to defuse the military carbon bomb | Environment

The annual United Nations climate talks, known as the Conference of Parties (COP), have traditionally promised much but delivered little. This year’s COP27 was no different, with most observers noting that it even backtracked on commitments made at COP26 in Glasgow. What was less observed was that the summit facedContinue Reading

Rui Lourenço first started collecting feathers because they were beautiful. Below the birds’ cliff-side nests in rural Portugal, he would find their shed feathers and bring them back to his ecology lab at the University of Évora. “It was just the typical curiosity of a naturalist,” he says. “Especially theContinue Reading

Tribal Rides/Xinda Begins Trading Under The Symbol XNDA

Venezuela’s profound economic and humanitarian crisis fails to attract the headlines it once did, particularly after the U.S. recognized interim president Juan Gauido’s May 2019 uprising failed. While the autocratic Maduro regime’s actions continue to gain some media attention, it appears that the world’s worst modern economic collapse outside ofContinue Reading