Greek tourist ports in today’s fast changing environment: Challenges, opportunities and new marketing strategies

Olympia K. Anastasopoulou delivering her slides speech As promised yesterday in our brief bulletin, we bring you here below the well documented speech of Olympia K. Anastasopoulou, the Secretary General for the Tourism Policy & Development of Greece, delivered on the second Day of Propeller Club’s 96th Convention and ConferenceContinue Reading

Phoney pharma: the challenges with the fake pharma market

Rich Quelch, global head of marketing at Origin, shares the challenges with the ‘fake’ pharma market. Pharmaceuticals are the world’s most counterfeited consumer product, with the latest figures from the World Customs Organisation estimating the global ‘fake’ pharma market to be worth upwards of $200 billion. The global trade inContinue Reading

Vietnam's Tech Startups: Human Resource Challenges

Vietnam’s startup environment is dynamic and is rapidly growing. However, human resources are one of several challenges for tech start-ups. Vietnam Briefing addresses key issues in tech startup talent and approaches for attracting and retaining them. Vietnam is now the third most active startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia, behind onlyContinue Reading

Seeking solutions to complex health and environment challenges

The Tule River Reservation in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains may not look much like the flat farmlands of Lowndes County, Alabama, or the grassland plateau that covers much of Mozambique, but the three communities – Native American, predominantly Black, and a blend of African ethnicities – share a story.Continue Reading

Addressing the challenges of plastic waste

Global demand for plastics is high and rising, spurred by the material’s barrier properties, lightweight nature, malleability, and favorable production economics. For these reasons, we expect that plastics will continue to play an important role in supply chains globally despite efforts to move away fromContinue Reading

CIOs find it most difficult to solve cybersecurity challenges

A global research study from Lenovo reveals how the CIO role has evolved, shedding light on growing areas of responsibility and increasing influence in the C-Suite, as well as removing barriers to business growth. Today, technology is the nervous system that connects corporate strategy, finance, innovation, operations, and talent. CIOsContinue Reading