Emirates News Agency - ADIO’s Innovation Programme builds capabilities, diversifies Abu Dhabi’s economy with AED1 bn now allocated to 37 companies

DUBAI, 20th September, 2022 (WAM) — The Ministry of Economy has announced the addition of more stakeholders to its NextGenFDI Program, the landmark initiative designed to attract digitally enabled companies to the UAE. Launched in July, the program aims to target businesses from all over the world with a packageContinue Reading

What is Cardboard Citizens? - Asia Crypto Today

The Solana ecosystem is now making way for NFT initiatives that could greatly benefit Mother Nature. Cardboard Citizens’ mission is to inform the public about everything Web3-related that can help make potential users self-sufficient. This environmentally conscious project offers more activities that will gather more potential donors to support theContinue Reading

New York City Is Failing Its Citizens on the Environment

© Paul Clemence Share Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Whatsapp Mail Or https://www.archdaily.com/982226/new-york-city-is-failing-its-citizens-on-the-environment This article was originally published on Common Edge. The new, online NYC Climate Dashboard confirms that New York City is not doing enough to meet its climate goals. What’s worse, the goals don’t measure up to the challengeContinue Reading

Adaption and reliability of the Nutrition Environment Measures for stores (NEMS-S) instrument for use in urban areas of Chile | BMC Public Health

Main findings With the exception of “safety”, participants from 254 different postcodes (21.7% islandwide) did not rate other features of the residential environment favourably, with lowest scores for “public transport” and “influence and sense of control”. A clear dimensionality of Built, Physical, Social and Service environment supports the construct validityContinue Reading

Well-being of all citizens is targetted in key initiatives

The Head of State put forward a number of initiatives aimed at further development of the country in the post-pandemic period, improving the efficiency of health systems, providing quality education, improving regional policy, forming an effective ecosystem in the labour market, political modernisation, protecting human rights and consolidating society. TheContinue Reading

Thinking like global citizens can usher in a fairer world

• Fostering a sense of common humanity is essential to reversing current inequalities and polarized communities. • The concepts of global citizenship and civic responsibility are key to achieving this. • The pandemic has increased the need, and economic recovery will rest upon them. As some countries begin to emergeContinue Reading