Microplastics Are Filling the Skies. Will They Affect the Climate?

Recent studies reveal that tiny pieces of plastic are constantly lofted into the atmosphere. These particles can travel thousands of miles and affect the formation of clouds, which means they have the potential to impact temperature, rainfall, and even climate change. Plastic has become an obvious pollutant over recent decades,Continue Reading

best climate change stocks - The 7 Best Climate Change Stocks to Buy for 2023

The concept of best climate change stocks to buy for 2023 presents a critically ethical tone. According to multiple scientists and investigative reports, human-caused environmental impact imposed many negative developments on our planet. To mitigate and hopefully reverse the consequences of prior activities, we must start taking action now. Unfortunately,Continue Reading

How evangelicals moved from supporting environmental stewardship to climate skepticism

White conservative evangelicals, who make up most of the religious right movement, largely oppose government regulation to protect the environmental initiatives, including efforts to curb human-caused climate change. Multiple social scientific studies, for example, consistently reveal that this group maintains a significant level of climate skepticism. Contrary to popular perception,Continue Reading

Bloomberg Law

A White House effort to ensure the federal government addresses the effects of climate change in environmental reviews will likely give disadvantaged communities more say in permitting, if agencies champion updated guidance, advocates say. The Council on Environmental Quality advised agencies in interim guidance Jan. 6 to consider the directContinue Reading

The future for environmental regulation and opportunities for the UK to lead internationally

The Agricultural Transition – what we are aiming to achieve We are undertaking the most significant reform of agricultural policy and spending in England in decades as we move from the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to our Environmental Land Management schemes, designed for our countryside and environment. While theContinue Reading