Environmental groups, residents battle light pollution in effort to save night sky in Pa. Wilds | Community News

Communities in north-central Pennsylvania are taking action to limit outdoor artificial lighting that is encroaching on what has become a crucial resource in the region: darkness. Satellite data show the Pennsylvania Wilds, a rural region comprising millions of acres of mountains and forestland that feature sterling views of the nightContinue Reading

KU team partners with Indigenous community to bring positive sport environment to coaches, kids

LAWRENCE — University of Kansas researchers have conducted and published extensive research studies on how evidence-based positive sport environments help athletes learn from mistakes, stay with sports and experience more positive development. Now, those researchers have collaborated with an Indigenous community sporting program to understand how the program can beContinue Reading

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Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) is Singapore’s national trade association for startups. Established in 2003 by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and re-launched as a private sector-led, non-profit organization in 2014, ACE focuses on five ecosystem pillars: startups, corporations, institutes of higher learning (IHLs), risk capital, and the publicContinue Reading

In Indianapolis, Building A Community Food Ecosystem In An ‘Apartheid Zone’

Corporate food giants have abandoned Indianapolis’ Northeast Corridor. In their stead, a movement for food sovereignty is seeing progress. This article was co-published by Prism and Next City as part of our Solutions for Economic Equity partnership, highlighting how low-income and marginalized BIPOC communities are cultivating, building, and seizing economicContinue Reading

Bacterial strains, media and batch cultures We used the wildtype strain Vibrio natriegens ATCC 14048 and Alteromonas macleodii sp. 4B03 (non-clumping variant) isolated from marine particles [8]. Strains were cultured in Marine Broth (MB, Difco 2216) and grown overnight at 25 °C. In total, 1 ml of cell culture was centrifuged (13,000 rpmContinue Reading

Coca-Cola PH accelerates community water programs with long-standing partners to help improve community access to clean, safe water

INSUFFICIENT access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure and poor water quality are key challenges faced in water-stressed communities of the Philippines. Covid-19 has exacerbated stresses on water systems, highlighting the importance of WASH to enable communities to protect themselves. Coca-Cola Philippines continues to strengthen its commitment to provideContinue Reading