NetApp : Leading automotive manufacturers will measure progress based on data insights

SEPANG, 22 September 2021 -As airasia’s rapid transformation into a digital travel and lifestyle group continues to gain strong momentum, the group’s engineering arm Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), ground handling division Ground Team Red (GTR) and logistics venture Teleport, are set to soar to new heights, leveraging the new technologyContinue Reading

More companies pledge ‘net-zero’ emissions to fight climate change, but what does that really mean?

Some companies take advantage of carbon reductions elsewhere by buying carbon credits; but it draws criticism because it allows those companies to keep generating greenhouse gases You’ll probably hear the term “net-zero emissions” a lot over the coming weeks as government leaders and CEOs, under pressure, talk about how they’ll reduce theirContinue Reading

Companies can play offense and defense in the carbon race

Business has a critical role to play in the race to decarbonise. Companies leading the energy transition play both defense and offense, defending themselves and mitigating risks as well as taking proactive steps to create new value. Answering four basic questions can set businesses up for success. As fires ravagedContinue Reading

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BioInnovation Institute (BII), an international commercial foundation with a non-profit objective incubating and accelerating world-class life science research, today announces the first cohort of participants in the Venture Lab acceleration program for early-stage companies. Comprising a pan-European spread of start-up initiatives and university researchContinue Reading


Five Mining Companies in India that take CSR Seriously – The CSR Journal   The mining sector is a core driver of a nation’s economic development. The National Mineral Policy, 2019 (‘NMP’) has aptly stated about its importance that, “Minerals are a valuable natural resource being the vitalContinue Reading

Companies hope new benefits will solve your mental health issues. Don't fall for it.

Earlier this year, Amazon did something worth applauding. The trillion-dollar company introduced a new mental wellness benefit for its 950,000 employees, including warehouse workers. The benefit, known as Resources for Living, provides employees and their family members with a certain number of free counseling sessions, crisis and suicide prevention support,Continue Reading

How Are Companies Prioritising Employee Care

In the difficult times, we are living in, employers have risen to the myriad challenges posed by the pandemic and prioritised employee care like never before. Both leading corporates and startups are doing an impressive job of supporting employee mental health and wellness at the workplace. From virtual townhalls andContinue Reading