How to Manage the Complexity of Multi-Cloud Environments

How to Manage the Complexity of Multi-Cloud Environments As enterprises have moved their workloads (applications and data) to the cloud, hybrid and distributed cloud environments have become the norm for most companies. Eighty-five percent of respondents to a new Harvard Business Review–Analytic Services survey say their organizations use at leastContinue Reading

Cut down on containerized environment complexity

IT organizations have been given a new charter: Move even faster. Simply ensuring availability and providing reliable technology services are no longer good enough; accelerating operations has quickly risen to the top of the IT prioritization list. According to new research from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 67% of IT decision-makersContinue Reading

IT Infrastructure

Many organizations began decentralizing their IT decision-making years ago, but the trend accelerated with the onset of the pandemic. Individual business units needed to act quickly to enable remote and hybrid work, and many of them adopted solutions and processes specific to their needs. The Wall Street Journal recently suggestedContinue Reading

OPINION: Embracing Complexity Politics | South Seattle Emerald

by Boting Zhang As an immigrant from an increasingly oppressive state, make no mistake — I love getting to have elections. But I sure hate election season. I used to feel ignorant when pundits confidently dissected policy points. Over time, I grew frustrated as experience showed me that the punditsContinue Reading