Senior Specialist, Vaccine Future Supplier Base Strategy - Switzerland

SEVENTY-SEVENTH SESSION, 25TH MEETING (PM) GA/L/3671 **Acknowledging States’ Concerns on Peremptory Norms, Special Rapporteur Says Jus Cogens ‘Is a Weapon of the Weak’ Against Abuses by Powerful, Privileged As the Sixth Committee (Legal) concluded Cluster 1 from the International Law Commission’s report, delegates weighed in on the draft conclusions, “ProtectionContinue Reading

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Sheryl L Hendriks, professor1, Hugh Montgomery, professor of intensive care medicine2, Tim Benton, director of environment and society programme3, Ousmane Badiane, founder and executive chairperson4, Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, executive director5, Jessica Fanzo, Bloomberg distinguished professor of global food policy and ethics6, Ramon R Guinto, chief planetary health scientist7Continue Reading

6 steps to validate cyber incident response plans in times of conflict

Cyber attacks have become a widespread risk to governments and businesses. During times of conflict, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, these risks become amplified. Here are key things to consider when evaluating cyber incident response capabilities. Losses, disruptions and damages due to cyber attacks have become a major riskContinue Reading

INSIGHT-Ukraine conflict hurts Russian science, as West pulls funding

Dozens of international scientists have arrived each year since 2000 at Russia’s remote Northeast Science Station on the Kolyma River in Siberia to study climate change in the Arctic environment. Not this year, though. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry froze the funding usedContinue Reading

Hidden Costs To The Environment of Ukraine Conflict, Part 2

In Part 1, I discussed the more well-known environmental costs of warfare. Explaining the hidden costs to the environment is harder, though. Not only are there new methods of warfare, like cyberattacks, to account for, but there are also lingering environmental problems this particular conflict could lead to. To reallyContinue Reading