Non-recyclable plastics are the biggest contamination problem that recyclers face.

by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Consumers across the country have a hard time distinguishing between recyclable plastics and hard-to-recycle plastic counterparts that land in recycling containers and, ultimately, must be sorted at recycling facilities. To offset the difficulty emergingContinue Reading

NFT Initiatives Continue, Blockchain Tracing Solutions Expand, SEC Targets ICO, Crypto Enforcement Data Published, Regulators Across Globe Address Crypto | BakerHostetler

[co-author: Danielle A. Richardson] NFT Initiatives Continue, Cryptocurrency Advertising Restrictions Ease By: Veronica Reynolds and Danielle A. Richardson In New Dehli, a blockchain-powered platform is hosting an exhibition displaying 27 art pieces by Bengal-born artist Lalu Prasad Shaw. According to a recent press release, the artwork is certified using non-fungibleContinue Reading