OPINION | Unsolved Environmental Crisis Continues

by Christian Poulsen and the King County International Airport Community Coalition The Duwamish River Valley is home to some of Seattle and King County’s most vibrant and diverse communities. These neighborhoods have the least amount of green spaces available to residents, the lowest regional air quality, and host one ofContinue Reading


HEY FASHION! has released a report on “Fashion’s Waste Crisis and How to Solve It,” which looks at the issue of textile waste and how circularity can be leveraged to effectively address it. The report was commissioned by HEY FASHION!’s parent organization, The Eileen Fisher Foundation, and authored by PentatonicContinue Reading

As a labor shortage looms, Amazon faces a crisis

This is the latest installment of the Amazon Briefing, a weekly Modern Retail column about the ever-changing Amazon ecosystem. To receive it in your inbox every week, sign up here. Amazon is in the midst of a labor crisis at its warehouses and fulfillment centers — and, based on aContinue Reading

Europe′s water crisis: Rivers running dry | Environment | All topics from climate change to conservation | DW

Amplified by human-induced Climate change and water over-consumption, southern Europeans in particular are feeling the consequences of more extreme heat waves and longer droughts.  Now governments from Portugal to Italy are calling on citizens to limit water use to the bare minimum. But in some places this is not enough.   While private consumption of water in the EU accounts for just 9% of total usage, around 60% is absorbed by agriculture.  “Droughts are one thing,” said NihatContinue Reading