‘Crucial to create environment conducive to breastfeeding mums’

Breastfeeding promotes a closer and more intimate bond between the mother and er child. — Photo courtesy of Dr Toh Teck Hock SIBU (Aug 6): Creating an environment that facilitates breastfeeding has become increasingly important as more women are now aware of its benefits to babies. Many communities – fromContinue Reading

Visa believes fintechs have a crucial role to play:Egypt

Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI), a global open innovation program that invites fintech and payment startups across the globe to showcase their innovative products and solutions, was held in Egypt for the first time. “We are very proud of the presentation of VEI in Egypt, as it proves our strong confidenceContinue Reading

Distributed Renewable Energy applications have a new and encouraging framework; applying it on ground is crucial for success, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

The pandemic and its implications on urban-rural migration have reiterated the need to create jobs, and, economic opportunities away from urban centres, where over 65 percent of Indians live. With almost all Indian households nearly electrified, we must focus on powering schools, anganwadis, hospitals and a variety of livelihoods forContinue Reading

SAP at Globe Series: Procurement to Build Back Better

FortiGuard Labs Perspectives As one of the founding members of the World Economic Forum’s Partnership Against Cybercrime (PAC), Fortinet has spent the last few years collaborating with this dynamic group of organizations to combat cybercrime worldwide. In responding to the unprecedented and exponential growth in cybercriminal activity during the globalContinue Reading

Crucial Role Wild Horses Bitcoin Mining

Just over 13 years ago a tsunami was silently and slowly building from the force of Satoshi Nakamoto’s newly released paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” At the time only a handful of cryptography enthusiasts were aware of Bitcoin, and even they were grappling with its viability. And sinceContinue Reading