Microsoft Surface is nearly a $7 billion business after a decade

Panos Panay, chief product officer of Microsoft Corp., displays the new Surface Laptop 3 computer during a Microsoft product event in New York on Oct. 2, 2019. Microsoft unveiled a dual-screen, foldable phone that will run on Google’s Android operating system, jumping back into a market it exited years ago.Continue Reading

Report: Power shift in the last decade has prevented policies to protect Wisconsin's environment

Wisconsin is failing to protect the environment and conserve natural resources as power has shifted from state agencies to the Republican-controlled Legislature, according to a new report from a state conservation group. Wisconsin’s Green Fire claims legislation, court rulings and politics have undermined efforts to address threats to the environmentContinue Reading

How industry cloud platforms will transform the next decade of cloud services

Hyperscale cloud providers are increasingly making headlines with the launch of new “industry cloud” platforms. Industry clouds platforms create value for enterprises by bringing together traditionally separately purchased cloud services in a pre-integrated, but adaptable way. Industry clouds offer not just technical but also business capabilities that are specifically relevantContinue Reading

Charting Planet’s Second Decade

Planet turns 10. At the start of our first decade, we set a very clear mission: to image the whole world every day, making change visible, accessible and actionable. Broadly, our goal was to use space to help life on earth. We had a simple theory of change: you can’tContinue Reading