Scientists call for end to violence against Amazon communities, environmental defenders

The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) demanded urgent action to stop attacks against Indigenous peoples, environmentalists and communities in a July 14 declaration. An alignment between illegal resource extraction and drug trafficking in the Amazon places people protecting resources at increasing risk, according to the association. Latin AmericaContinue Reading

Displaced by a dam, women defenders fight for their land rights in Colombia

Colombia’s fourth-largest dam, built despite local opposition more than a decade ago, continues to affect the livelihoods of neighboring communities in Colombia’s department of Santander, an area now also targeted by fracking. An ecosystem restoration project designed to compensate for the dam’s environmental impact by buying and restoring degraded landContinue Reading

In Latin America, the law is ‘a tool to silence’ environmental defenders

Environmental defenders across Latin America are being sued and arrested as they protest against agribusiness, mining and energy projects on their lands. In most cases, government authorities are the ones pursuing criminal charges against these defenders, which range from obstructing public roads to terrorism and murder. Experts say that thisContinue Reading

Environmental defenders in Nicaragua denounce government crackdown as elections loom

Indigenous communities in northeastern Nicaragua continue to suffer from violent attacks by land invaders looking to exploit the area for cattle ranching and gold mining. Environmental defenders are increasingly struggling to denounce the violence as President Daniel Ortega targets government critics ahead of elections scheduled for November. Many advocates ofContinue Reading