Why your recycling doesn't always get recycled

A plastic bag, a dirty pizza box, plastic utensils, paper napkins, and a soda can—a single takeout meal can feel like a game of recycling trivia.  Which items can be recycled? What kinds of plastic go in the trash? What if the container is greasy?  Recycling can be complicated, andContinue Reading

Why a biodiversity environment market doesn’t work

The spot price for squirrel glider credits in New South Wales last month was $425. That was down a touch from $450 in August, when koala credits were going for $600 – they’d more than tripled since June. These are real market values, reflecting performance and trading activity in aContinue Reading

Habitat For Humanity Doesn’t Just Give Away Houses

It is no slight to Jonathan Reckford’s intellect or his seriousness to observe that, in the movie of his life, he would definitely be played by character actor Stephen Tobolowsky. The comedy standby (best known as Groundhog Day’s Ned Ryerson) shares with the longtime CEO of Habitat for Humanity theContinue Reading

Amazon re:Inventing Alexa? It doesn’t Look Like It. -

Amazon convened re:Invent 2022 in the midst of “massive layoffs” in its Worldwide Digital Division because it is on track to lose $10 billion this year. This news rattled the cohort of individuals interested in voice-based services and Conversational AI, who now question whether lack of interest and use ofContinue Reading