There is a box labelled “climate”, in which politicians discuss the climate crisis. There is a box named “biodiversity”, in which they discuss the biodiversity crisis. There are other boxes, such as pollution, deforestation, overfishing and soil loss, gathering dust in our planet’s lost property department. But they all containContinue Reading

Energy & Environment — Presented by the American Petroleum Institute — Biden leaves meeting saying 'it doesn't matter' when bill is passed

Biden says ‘it doesn’t matter’ when infrastructure bill is passed   Welcome to Friday’s Overnight Energy & Environment, your source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. Subscribe here: Today we’re looking at the latest round of infrastructure negotiations, a sentencing for a former environmentalContinue Reading

Plastic waste: Why EPR alone doesn't stand a chance

EPR rests management of multi-layer plastic such as sachets with the manufacturer until the end of its life. Pic:Wallpaperflare There is value in sifting through the remains of what we discard. And each act of sifting, collecting, sorting, grading, trading is a revolution of sorts. But what does this haveContinue Reading

The DEI label doesn’t always fit » Media in Canada

Once a week, Initiative’s Ishma Alexander-Huet will be offering a lesson she has learned after a year of asking questions about how to make the media and advertising industries more equitable. Read her previous lessons here. By Ishma Alexander-Huet Last year, many companies with diversity, equity and inclusion among theirContinue Reading

The finalists making sure our environment doesn't waste away

The brilliant ECHO Environment Awards are returning on Wednesday, April 28 at 6.30pm so that we can all take the time to support and admire the local heroes improving Merseyside’s environment. The awards’ headline sponsor this year is United Utilities, which continues to improve our local environment by investing moreContinue Reading