The value of Earth’s natural infrastructure falls to $33

SAN DIEGO, May 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — A new study estimates the value of Earth’s natural infrastructure such as the atmosphere, forests, wetlands, and oceans has fallen in value to $33 quadrillion – after factoring humankind’s $5 quadrillion in damage. The analysis, completed by Environmental Business International (EBI) andContinue Reading

We’re ruining Earth’s oceans one piece of plastic at a time

The Guardian From dust bowl to California drought: a climate scientist on the lessons we still haven’t learned Peter Gleick argues there’s an urgent need to reshape our relationship to water: ‘There is enormous untapped potential for conservation’ The Enterprise Bridge crosses over a section of Lake Oroville in Oroville,Continue Reading

PPE litter is making Earth's plastic pollution problem even worse

Personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, and face shields have kept humans safe through the coronavirus pandemic. However, the items are having the opposite effect on the planet. A new study published Tuesday by Ocean Conservancy, a nonprofit environmental advocacy group, found more than 100,000 pieces of PPE littered acrossContinue Reading